his devastating message to Laura Smet and David Hallyday, oh, it hurts

Laeticia Hallyday has seen all the colors since she is in a relationship with Johnny Hallyday. When she met the rocker, her gossip was that she didn’t really love him and all kinds of criticism rained down on her. But Jade and Joy Hallyday’s mother has proven them wrong as she stayed with the person she loved until the end of her life. Thus, from 1995 to 2017, Johnny and Laeticia Hallyday never parted. We would have thought then that the controversies would lose strength with the departure of the rocker. He once left this world, carried away by lung cancer.

But the succession of the star has still made a lot of ink run. Specifically about a family war between Taulier’s widow and his first children. David Hallyday is the first of the deceased singer’s children and his mother is none other than the great Silvia Vartan. As for Laura Smet, she is the daughter of Johnny Hallyday and actress Nathalie Baye. However, her father’s will disinherited them and this is illegal under French law. Also, despite the resolution of this case in court, the rocker’s first children seem to have cut off all contact with Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters. An attitude openly denounced by those who today share the life of director and actor Jalil Lespert. And again this April 8, as a comment to one of Joy’s Instagram posts.

Laeticia Hallyday settles accounts, takes out her fangs to protect her daughters

Johnny Hallyday’s widow tried to ease tensions caused by her late husband’s will. In fact, she did not know that her succession would be in charge of French law. And in the United States, where he lived with Laeticia Hallyday and her two daughters, it is not illegal not to name some of her children in her estate. But scandal it broke out long before Jade’s mother and Joy Hallyday could discuss it directly with David Hallyday or Laura Smet. As a result, this dispute has assumed unprecedented proportions, in particular thanks to the support of the press. Having said that, Objection I grant you, Johnny Hallyday could not die in the indifference of the country that saw him born.

After months of tedious legal proceedings and score settling by the media and lawyers, peace had returned to those close to Johnny Hallyday. There was no longer talk of the conflicts that Laura also starred in more than David, against Laeticia Hallyday. And on social networks, the rocker’s widow kept reminding her daughters of the good memories of her missing father. Like this past July 28 for the birthday of her youngest daughter. Laeticia Hallyday shared videos of memories, beautiful moments of complicity between Joy and her dad.

But a publication by Joy Hallyday, this April 8, undoubtedly took Laeticia Hallyday to the guts. Noticing that her daughter publicly showed that she missed her father, she did not listens than his mother’s heart and bared his fangs to comfort her. Addressing incidentally a criticism of those who have abandoned them since the death of Johnny Hallyday.

Joy Hallyday’s mother settles her accounts on the Web

“My dad and I are so alike. Love you. », wrote the youngest daughter of Laeticia Hallyday, in the caption of a post on her Instagram account. A post of hers that shows her in her father’s arms and with her quilt in her hand. Obviously, this didn’t stop breaking the hearts of Taulier fans. Objection grant it to you, it is impossible not to have a heavy heart imagining the difficulties of Happiness having to grow up without the presence of his father.

“You are so much like him and you carry his most beautiful values ​​and his unconditional love forever. He gave you so many things. He would be very proud today to see you play the guitar with such passion and determination. He will never stop guiding you. This love that no one can ever steal from you my angel. Despite the lies, hatred and resentment of the beings who have abandoned. Love will always be stronger than anything. »Laeticia Hallyday wrote. Y Objection I told you, the Tauliers’ widow is probably referring to Laura and David. However, how else could she react to her daughter’s distress? Internet users are likely to debate this new friction theme

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