in his new brochure, Macron takes direct aim at Le Pen

In a brochure distributed this Wednesday, the presidential candidate explains his differences with Marine Le Pen by pointing out his proposals related to Covid-19. He also attacks her career as a “family clan heiress candidate” before declining her own project.

Less than two weeks before the first round, Emmanuel Macron’s method of trying to convince is embodied in a brochure distributed to 2 million copies this Wednesday. The opportunity for the candidate to methodically attack Marine Le Pen.

• Describe Marine Le Pen’s mandate in the event of victory in 2017

First angle of attack: they denounce the president who would have been Marine Le Pen if he had won the previous elections. “Where would we be if she had to manage Covid-19 and Ukraine?”, can be read in this prospectus.

during his trip this Tuesday to MulhouseEmmanuel Macron has also focused his efforts on showing that he would have managed the country better than she could have done during the health crisis.

“Electing someone to preside over a country is also presiding over a crisis. And I don’t forget what he was constantly saying during the Covid crisis. He was going to treat people with chloroquine, vaccinate them massively with an ineffective Russian vaccine that even the WHO said was not effective,” said the candidate.

• Differentiate from the personality of Marine Le Pen

Second tactic adopted: show your differences with your opponent. This pamphlet points to “a candidate who divides and stigmatizes,” as opposed to “a president who unites and brings people together.” He also denounces the career of the representative of the National Association, “heiress of a family clan”, opposed to that of Emmanuel Macron, who “had never done politics before”, despite his position as deputy secretary general together with François Hollande and his Visit to Bercy.

Emmanuel Macron also presents himself as “a president who tells the truth and keeps his promises”, unlike his competitor, “willing to say everything and the opposite of being elected”.

The Elysée tenant again declined this angle of attack in the Grand Est this Tuesday afternoon.

“I, at least, do the floor, I move, I don’t get 30 minutes in a hotel before returning to Paris,” he advanced in reference to the Press conference previously held by Marine Le Pen on ‘democracy’ in Vernon, Eure.

• Insist on your proposals

Finally, this campaign brochure also concentrates its arguments against Marine Le Pen’s program by presenting the project of the outgoing president herself. Among “the ten reasons to choose Emmanuel Macron’s program”, the document cites purchasing power first.

Both candidates are also distant opposites on the subject this Monday during his travels.

“When he is in difficulty, he offers checks. But a check, where, when, for whom? For how much? I have absolutely no information on this subject,” the deputy launched during her visit to a cereal farm in Yonne.

A minute later, Emmanuel Macron replied:

“If we had not acted, you would pay 140% more for gas and you would pay 100% more for electricity. Do a calculation: she proposes to lower VAT from 20 to 5, that’s a 15% difference. So for us, it’s more serious, more robust,” she said in the North.

This strategy gives an idea of ​​the tone that Emmanuel Macron should adopt during the debate between the two rounds on April 20.

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