Lidl makes an outrageous ad that may not please its customers!

In Lyon, the German company LIDL has decided to make a strange request to its customers. Find out there as soon as possible!

A few days ago Lidl customers in Lyon got used to these messages on the door of Lidl stores. On the site, the management asks customers to modify their shopping list! And this due to war in ukraine.

Indeed, the faithful of Lidl cannot ignore this notice on the front door: We are currently experiencing supply difficulties for several of our products. Also, to satisfy all our customers, we ask you to limit your purchases, we can read.

The war in ukraine had an impact on the production of raw materials. And now it affects the end customer.

We are currently experiencing supply difficulties.

What you need to know, first of all, is that Ukraine is a major global exporter of wheat. But the first place is occupied by Russia. Our colleagues at La Dépêche interviewed Philippe Chalmin, economist and professor at Paris Dauphine University.

For now, experts are struggling to assess the consequences of the conflict on the Reward materials such as wheat. According to Philippe Chalmin, the impacts are limited. And it is not impossible that they continue to be. At the time of the Crimean conflict in 2014, the flow of grain continued to circulate without problem, the economist recalls.

Lidl in trouble!

It is not impossible that prices have risen a little in anticipation of the tensions, but that will not go very far. Now we can be calm: there will be no consequence in the price of the pain.

On a wand that costs you a eurothe part of the wheat is 7 to 8 cents, recalls Philippe Chalmin.

In November 2021, the price of wheat had risen considerably. At that time, it reached 300 euros the ton But today the price is around 260, 270 euros the ton

If the question of the price of wheat is asked, it is sunflower oil that Lidl stores are most concerned about. Why ? Simply because Ukraine and Russia also produce three quarters of the world’s sunflower oil there. Its alot ! Specialists assure that there will be no repercussions in the coming weeks. But by the end of the year, that could change!

Lidl: is there already a shortage?

Fortunately, we are not yet in the scarcity stage. But in Lyon, we have been talking about rationing and limits from the beginning. April. In Lidl stores in Lyon, consumers can only buy four 0.75-liter bottles of organic sunflower oil, three one-liter bottles of sunflower oil. And also mixtures of various oils. Our colleagues at Actu Lyon indicate that Lidl does not make it an obligation but an invitation.


The management of these stores wants to avoid overbuying phenomena that cause shortages. We remember in particular the shortage of toilet paper during the confinement due to Covid 19. It is the same phenomenon of panic that It should be avoided.

That’s for sure: in the coming weeks, the blue and yellow Lidl store will not be offering huge discounts on bottles of sunflower oil!

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