MotoGP Austin J3 Jack Miller (Ducati/3): “Enea Bastianini has the perfect physique for a rider”

Jack Miller failed to materialize in a Grand Prix of the Americas, which he nonetheless led until five laps from the finish, before relinquishing control to Enea Bastianini on the Ducati GP21, even then leaving Alex Rins and his Suzuki to put him in the last. podium step. But the Australian fulfilled the performance that was expected of him, which gives him arguments to renew his lease with his current employer with mixed plans. Because if indeed the Pontiffs of Borgo Panigale see one of their herds heading for the championship, it is not the expected one with unforeseen colors. Still, Bastianini has a secret that Miller has discovered that also saves engineers millions of euros in research and development…

jack miller delighted in anticipation of the great battle between the Ducati in Texas, stating to anyone who would listen that the difference would be made by driving in this competition at the Austin track. A double-edged sword because in case of defeat there would be no more excuses. The Australian comes out of this confrontation defeated by Enea Bastianini in GP21, but winner of a George Martin in GP22, not to mention his teammate, who, however, is not a danger to his future…

In fact, the man who rose to seventh place in the championship, 30 lengths behind the leader and second winner in the four races held this year in MotoGP, was not unhappy when he left Texas: “ I don’t think I pushed too hard, the pace was steady even if I didn’t push right away at first. Starting from the eighth lap, I pushed to make fast laps and maybe it was early, but I wanted to get away from the group. I had some vibrations to the left, I was a bit on edge so I tried to drive carefully. ».

« Then Enea Bastianini approached me, passed me at turn 11 and although he moved away a bit, he closed the corner. Eventually even Alex Rins managed to pass me. I couldn’t keep the second position, very bad. “, adds “Jackass”. ” I feel like I’m back on track after these first four races before returning to Europe. So overall pretty happy ».

« I think I had a fantastic race, I can’t complain and I did my best the Australian insists that he still has to answer this question that haunts the box Ducati since the beginning of this campaign: what is still missing from this GP22 to unseat its greatest GP21, which is trying to get the rump out of it? ” I don’t think the Desmosedici GP22 is worse than the GP21. Little by little we are getting closer and I don’t think the GP21 is faster ». Plus jack miller also says that you should only look at the motorcycle… There is also the rider on it and the team member of bagnaia do not hesitate to congratulate Bastianini for his technique and… his physique: “ If I knew what Enea is doing on the Ducati to get that extra performance, I would! It rolls well, and when it passes, it looks effortless. He has a particular style where he sits in the center of the bike and his head is tilted… Even though the bike looks like it’s moving, it looks solid and stays there. ».

Jack Miller: ” Bastianini? He is unreal with the way he twists the throttle, he is able to drive it smooth and fast.«

« It works because it is able to stay very steady on the bike. He’s also a short guy, so he’s really quick down the straights. It also stops it well… gaining 10 extra kilos is a little more difficult, I can tell you that. It’s unreal with the way it twists the throttle, and it’s able to handle it smooth and fast. For tire management, this is the best. If I could imitate his style… I will continue studying. I’ve been competing in MotoGP for years and trying to do it, and I still haven’t been able to do it ».

Beautiful tribute to the Italian by the Australian who, however, did not cross out the title in his intentions: I still feel like it’s a very open league, it’s such a long season and a lot has already happened… When you think that I am already the 10th driver to get on the podium and that was the fourth race… That says everything. It’s wide open, and the real championship will start when we get back to Europe. “. So it will be from April 22 to 24 in Portimao.

jack miller ends up talking about his future, which confirms that he wants Ducatiin red or not: “I am here to race, that is what I love to do, the group is fantastic and I feel good with them, if they decide that I stay, I would be more than happy to continue racing with Ducati, but for now I prefer to focus only on the search. of the championship, trying to get good results. Go back to Pramac? It wouldn’t make any difference to me. I’m where I want to be, I’m living my dream, and whether the bikes are good or bad, they use the same parts, so it wouldn’t make a difference as far as I’m concerned. ».

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