“My sense of modesty is under severe pressure right now…”

The Stade Toulousain coach is the recurring character in the film Le Stade, dedicated to the fabulous 2020-2021 season of the French and European champions, which premieres this Wednesday on the big screens.

Le Figaro. How does it feel to see yourself on the big screen?
Ugo Mola: It’s not really our world, so we’re kind of divided. Between that total immersion in our day to day life that it offers us and not too comfortable with what it can represent in terms of exposure. It’s a mixed feeling between pride in what we experienced last season and a bit of embarrassment that it’s coming out now, given our current results. So we try to do the promotion a bit modestly at the same time.

Does this outing pressure you sportingly?
It will not take away what we have gained. This movie is about what happened., not what is going to happen. But it will always give our opponents something to work with… This is the fate of any dive. After the pandemic, we felt that it was necessary to open up to share things with our audience. We are quite proud of that. The consequences or collateral damage, we will see later…

Did you have something to say in the passages chosen and shown?
Honestly, there has been very little censorship, proofreading. We totally trust Eric (Hannezo) and Matthieu (Vollaire) (the co-directors, editor’s note), who chose a particular axis. It is neither my training nor my job. It would have been very awkward to give any advice. Well, in flowery language, we see that I am not stingy (Laughter). If they removed a couple of scores from the south of France, it doesn’t change much…

“We do not pretend to have a monopoly on the truth, the heart or the values. But we are testing a new format in an environment that, to my liking, is sometimes a bit too sanitized. »

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What image of the Stade Toulousain will this film convey to the general public?
I have no idea! The only thing I can say is that it was done without calculation or second intention. I hope that this film shows our sincerity, our way of operating. So everyone will have their own opinion. From the moment we agreed to open, we knew intimacy would inevitably be disrupted. Surely there are very important moments, especially around the underpants, that you would like to keep to yourself. But, when you share, you have to go to the end of the process… Above all, I would like people to perceive the love of the players for the Stade Toulousain shirt.

Can this theme attract people to theaters?
Rugby needs exposure. We see it with the good results of the France team. It can compensate for the lack of credibility that our championship can sometimes have between duplicates and reports… This exhibition has the merit of being sincere, of allowing people to access our environment. We do not claim to have a monopoly on truth, heart or values. But we are testing a new format in an environment that, to my liking, is sometimes a bit too sanitized. I have a pretty high sense of modesty, which is under pressure right now, but I think it’s a good thing for our sport.

Have you managed to forget the camera that is constantly watching you?
The first few weeks, you pay attention to it. Then, after two months, the natural takes over. It was an incredible season, in a very particular context (the pandemic, games behind closed doors, editor’s note). What happens is a lot of tension, anxiety. But the delivery of the victory allows us not to be too uncomfortable when presenting this documentary.

You’re still being filmed…
Yes. And I’m not hiding it from you, I hope it’s a little less focused on me and more on other players who have an even bigger share than me in the successes of the Stade Toulousain.

After this experience, will you be tempted to retrain as an actor?
No, no, no… I will not expose myself in this kind of environment.

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