Ordinary mother or superior mother?

Bianca Longpré, better known as the “Ordinary Mother”, triggered an avalanche of comments on social media last week.


A mother who complains that her son “again” will change teachers due to maternity leave is surprising in a society like ours.

bianca longpre

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bianca longpre

But now that I think about it, it’s not surprising.

The vocation

Teaching is a job where women are present in great majority. A job that is still called a vocation. Which is far from a coincidence. When life predestines you for a specific role, you must be obedient and grateful.

“In custom, young women who have not found a husband at 25 they were going to wear the coif of Santa Catalina. Thus they became ‘spinsters’”. Why not hire those who adore the patron saint of single women?

I hear your disagreement. How could they understand our treasures? Those who do not have children do not know the children.

And why not go back to the time of the nuns? Building a community of teachers who are there for THE right reason: vocation. With a place in heaven as a reward, teaching should be enjoyable.

I know. I’m digressing

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From a more rational perspective, the period of active life and retirement of women who have a vocation and who wish to develop a career in a field that requires personal sacrifice could be reversed. That is why I propose retirement from 23 to 40 years old and career from 40 to 75 years old.

You see, it seems that some mothers are more important than others…

Part time

As a misfortune never comes alone, The newspaper we learned yesterday that the part-time of the teachers complicates the task of the directions. The president of the Federation of Quebec School Directors informed us that having more than one teacher can have an impact on the success of young people.

In education, in an argument whose aim is to make workers feel guilty, it is easy to exploit the word “child”.

Management doesn’t seem to understand the need for part-time work. And surely you are not the only one who wonders about this kind of “whim” of teachers. It is normal. In our current society, many are defined first and foremost by their work. What bum wants unpaid part-time leave?

A woman-mother-teacher (especially in elementary school) who wants to be present, efficient and effective at home and at work. A woman who seeks a balance in life to be 100% present for her children at home and “hers” her children at school. The teacher who understands that the state of her health, physical and especially mental, has an immense impact on the quality of her teaching.

To deal with the shortage of teachers, there are two solutions: produce more or reduce their attrition.

In the era of disposables, it seems that our consumerist vision is winning.

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