Renew your passport or identity document: how to get an appointment fast and avoid hassles

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Currently several weeks of waiting are necessary to be able to renew the passport or identity document. There are channels to speed up deadlines. La Dépêche du Midi shares them with you.

If you need to renew your passport or identity document, a lot of patience is needed. The first appointments are not available for several weeks or even months. What to worry about when the identity document is mandatory to travel this summer for example.

Longer delays

In March 2021, it took 11.5 days to book an appointment for a passport or ID card. In January 2022, it was 27 days on average, according to the site This period can even last up to… six months, depending on the parisian. Production times for identity documents and shipping are incomprehensible: 22 days for a passport and 24 days for an identity card.

Why are delivery times longer?

It is the health crisis that is mainly at the origin of the extension of the deadlines. In the spring of 2020, with the lockdown, public services and the National Sanitary Title Agency (ANTS) closed for several months. When they reopened, the health protocol weighed on the organization of services.

To make matters worse, the requests increase considerably. Between February 2022 and February 2021, passport applications increased by… 94%! French people whose identity documents expired in 2020 or 2021 did not renew them due to global travel restrictions due to Covid-19. Result: today there is a traffic jam.

Last explanation: to go to the UK, a passport is now required.

How to get an identity document faster?

You will not escape long waiting times if you need to renew your passport or identity document. However, there are some tips to try to shorten the deadlines:

  • Connect early in the morning to the site of the ants : This way you can have access before the others to the time slots opened periodically by the municipalities.
  • Change city: Try to make an appointment in a city other than your own. You can go to any city in France as long as it is equipped with a “collection device”, specifies ANTS. Click here to find out which municipalities are equipped. Choose small towns instead of big cities. Your presence is essential to take your genetic fingerprints.
  • Choose an emergency procedure: This advice only applies to you if you really face a very quick need for an identity document. A business trip, a death in the family, or a humanitarian trip can speed up delays. The request is made in these cases only in the prefecture.

Can I travel with an expired identity card?

France extended the validity of identity documents for its nationals several years ago. They have been extended for another five years. However, not all countries accept an expired identity document: this is the case in Belgium, Norway or Lithuania. Remember to do your research well before your trip. Expired French identity documents are tolerated in Spain. In Andorra they are accepted.

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