the diva FINALLY breaks the silence, her moving message

Celine Dion has been worrying her fans all over the world since the hiatus of the courage world tour. In fact, if it was first the pandemic that forced the star to postpone her concerts, then it was a matter of health. rumors grew persistent on the fabric. And in January 2022, it was the diva herself who spoke about her health. plagued by ” muscle spasms uncontrollable and persistent, could not perform their concerts. Since then, Celine Dion fans have been increasingly worried about the diva of hers. And it is still impossible to know when she will be able to return to the stage. Some even imagine that she might have to retire because the situation is very difficult.

But Celine Dion will never leave the hearts of her audience. In fact, whether she can get on stage or not, she will always have a place with them. Also, she doesn’t doubt her affection and she returns it well. In her social networks, she shares with them very personal memories in particular. And since February 24, when the war broke out in Europe on Ukrainian territory, Celine Dion has been mobilizing. Despite her illness, she makes sure to deliver important messages to show her support for the Ukrainian people. Objection brings you his various speeches. With a special mention for the one on April 8. Because the singer has finally spoken to her fan community on her social media.

Celine Dion takes the floor to deliver a powerful message to her fans

The singer may have retired from the front of the stage for a while, she’s still one of the biggest stars on the planet. In fact, she is the French-speaking artist who has sold the most records in the world. And there should be no doubt that Celine Dion has more influence on her audience than she realizes. However, she cannot ignore some of the weight of her word. so in the serious business, it is allowed to give advice and take a position. For example, during the health crisis, Celine Dion was one of those artists who called on her fans to be cautious and patient. Cheering and thanking caregivers with emotion. But it is no longer the pandemic that is now on everyone’s lips, it is the war that is being waged in Ukraine.

This war broke out on February 24. Y Objection I won’t show you what she keeps doing havoc. Moreover, since February 28, Celine Dion had shared a message on her social networks on this subject. Without speaking in person, on video, she took her pen to write a few words and support the Ukrainian people. Calling like this, without it being necessary to specify it, her fans to do the same. “To you brave Ukrainians, we are with you wholeheartedly. We are shocked and saddened, but also very inspired by your bravery… You have our support and our prayers for peace. – Celine XX. »he wrote in his post.

And a month later, on March 28, a heartbreaking video was posted on the social media of the diva But again, Celine Dion only addressed her community of fans through the writing of a moving message. A message that she always intended to support the Ukrainians and call on the international community to provide them with as much help as possible. “The situation of refugees in Ukraine and around the world is very tragic. They desperately need our help now. Please join us and @glblctzn in the #StandUpforUkraine movement to help these people who have had to leave their homes and everything behind to stay safe. No one should go through this kind of drama. – Celine xx…”we could read in the caption of these 51 seconds of moving video.

The return of the diva, in video on the Web

But this April 8, Objection I told you, it’s Celine Dion herself speaking, with sound and image. Despite the illness that takes her away from her shows, she decides to get engaged. physically in this process that aims to support the Ukrainian people in the face of Russian bombing. And once again, Celine Dion calls on her fans and the whole world to help Ukrainian refugees, as well as those from all over the planet. “I #StandUpForUkraine and for refugees around the world. I call on world leaders to take action to help all people forced from their homes. We need to make sure they get the support they desperately need now. – Celine xx…”wrote to summarize his video intervention.

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