the uncompromising observation of the president of the Stade Français

In an interview with L’Équipe, Hans-Peter Wild, the skipper-owner of the Parisian club, lists the problems that plague his team. He speaks very effectively and announces changes.

“The Stade Français is not professional enough”

«We have problems, it is very visible. I don’t hide it. It makes me sad for our fans, who always stand behind the team. It makes me personally sad, because I put a lot of money into the club. Finally, since my arrival (in 2017, editor’s note), I always hear the same excuses. The problem is deep. I will repeat myself, but the Stade Français is not professional enough. The culture of the club has never been professional. On Sunday we spend a lot of time with the staff to understand and determine specific actions that will allow us to change that. (…) The discussions are over! I want to change the culture of the club.”

“I have already spent 100 million euros and the results are not up to par”

“The other concern is that we have too much money. We have a presidenthim, editor’s note) that can offer a lot of money, but can also lose a lot without running into a wall. Whether we finish fourth, sixth, tenth, or even fourteenth, it doesn’t affect anyone directly. Some players get paid a lot of money, but they don’t behave like professionals. (…) I don’t like losing money. He had promised to spend 100 million euros for the club. It is already the case. That’s a lot of money. And the results are not up to par.

“There are players who do not have the level of the Top 14”

“We have no leaders. We recruited one with Morgan Parra. He will have an important role. But it takes three or four to take charge of our group. Gonzalo (Quesada) is working on it. But today, there is an obvious lack. (…) There are players who do not have the level of the Top 14. But there is one thing they can do: run! Be in good physical condition. It has nothing to do with talent! So we want the players to give 150% on the field. (…) Latu is a problem. Latu has above all an extra-sports problem with alcohol. You have to admit it, otherwise you will never solve the problem.”

“Our staff must be reinforced”

“Today we have a staff, but it is not at the level of Meyer’s staff. I would like to thank Julien Arias and Laurent Sempéré (the deputies of Quesada) of the work they provide, but they are in a learning phase. They were still gamers not too long ago. Therefore, we must strengthen our staff with experienced trainers. Gonzalo Quesada will be appointed director of rugby. He will be solely responsible for the athlete in the entire structure of the club. So we are looking for two additional trainers (attack and defense) to strengthen our staff. We will make announcements quickly.”

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