this tremendous editing error that shocks Internet users

After the blind auditions, all the teams are in place and it’s time for the battles. So fans of The voice eagerly waiting to see the new episode. Poor me, That is why I wrote to you This Saturday, April 9, 2022, generated great disappointment among viewers. Indeed, the production did a dance that did not escape the seasoned public. During editing, he inadvertently revealed the rest of the episode. Thus, the viewers knew in advance which candidate was going to be eliminated or not! We can say that the suspense was not there!

The voice : production made a big editing mistake

The episode of this Saturday April 9 left the fans of The voice about his hunger. In fact, the viewers of the singing contest spent three hours in front of the TF1 channel. A show where the candidates of each team competed in the famous battles. This exercise is not easy and is a real challenge for budding artists. We know that this step is decisive for the future and an unexpected reversal of the situation may occur.

The four trainers, always at the rendezvous, launched their foals into the arena. Florent Pagny, Vianney, Amel Bent and Marc Lavoine carefully watched each other’s performances to draw conclusions. Three suspended candidates had their week last by Vianney, Amel Bent and Marc Lavoine. The three people in question were joined overnight by Charles, who was recruited by Florent Pagny after his elimination against Gautier.

Battles can be cruel!

The beginning of the battles The voice It is simple. Two candidates from the same team compete and the coach of the team must choose to keep the best one. But sometimes the gap is small and you still have to choose. Also, the others trainers have the opportunity to recover eliminated talents from other teams. So that can change everything in the game, but beware, a talent “stolen” by a jury is suspended. In fact, he goes behind the scenes and waits patiently in the coach’s chair who just saved him. But it’s not over yet! If the trainer decides to save another participant, the latter will take the place of the first saved candidate and the experiment will stop. definitely for the initially stolen talent. It’s not that easy to keep your place in The voice !

This is Nabilla’s sad experience. Marc Lavoine was conquered by Léa who took Nabilla’s place. We told you that singing competition can be cruel, but that’s the rule of the game! In addition to being stripped of its place, the chain TF1 messed up while editing. Thus, suspense was not even allowed…

An empty chair in the assembly breaks the suspense in The voice

Long before the battle between the candidates by Amel Bent, the public noticed an image that showed the chair occupied by Léa and not by Nabilla. Which led to the rest of the adventure. So fans of The voice They got angry and did not hesitate to make it known on social networks. These are the comments we read…

« #The voice fake cliffhanger mdrrrr, we saw him sitting on the couch before, they ripped during editing”, “Yes, the production already showed the image a few minutes before, thanks for the editing failure. #LaVoz”, “I had an editing error the girl who is going to sing is going to be fished”, “Error of assembly”, “We saw during this performancein the Assemblythat Nabila was going to leave, Marc chose another”, “Beug in #LaVoz the newsrooms are no longer the same. The montage it’s badly done“. Case to follow in the next episode of The voice next Saturday !

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