Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1162 of Tuesday, April 12, 2022 [SPOILERS] – TV news series

In the next episode of “Tomorrow Belongs to Us”… As the police set a trap for Olivier, Raphaëlle introduces Stanislas to her father. Alma is on a little cloud.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the Tomorrow episode that belongs to us tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t keep reading!

Tuesday 12 april in tomorrow belongs to us


In the morning, Gabriel and Soraya go to the police station to report their suspicions to Captain Saeed. In fact, they are convinced that Olivier Doucet is seeking to frame Noor for the murders of Romain and Alizée Melville in order to protect his daughter.

Without waiting, Karim informs the prosecutor Perraud of the situation. Unfortunately, Sébastien considers Guého’s son’s testimony to be fragile because not long ago he was still in love with Noor. Karim agrees with him but nevertheless points out that Garance could never have moved Gabriel’s body on his own given his size. According to him, Olivier is an accomplice of his daughter. As the prosecutor points out that the math teacher is unlikely to have the profile of such a determined criminal, Karim informs him that he had made believe his death a few years earlier in order to accuse his wife’s lover. Therefore, the policeman thinks that Olivier could very well have falsified the evidence and accused Noor to exonerate his daughter. Supporting this hypothesis, Sébastien authorizes Captain Saeed to investigate Olivier. However, since Gabriel’s testimony is worthless, the prosecutor makes him understand that if he wants to corner Doucet, he will need something solid.

Unfortunately, the police have nothing concrete to catch him. That is why Martin and Karim have the idea of ​​catching Olivier by making him believe that his daughter has come out of a coma.

Overjoyed, he immediately goes to the hospital, but Nordine prevents him from seeing her. In fact, she claims that Garance reiterated her confession about the murders of Romain and Alizée Melville and that she will be brought before the prosecutor as soon as she has the green light from the doctors. Furious, Olivier arrives at the police station and confesses to the murder of Alizée Melville, as well as the attacks on Chloé and Gabriel.


Stanislas says that he is in a hurry to meet Maud, whom he will meet next weekend. Only Sébastien will be missing and the boss will have met the entire Perraud family. However, the prosecutor is still very attached to Xavier, Raphaëlle makes him understand that he is not for now. Since he hasn’t done graduate school and doesn’t work in an office, she even considers him lost in advance. Despite everything, Stanislas considers himself the ideal son-in-law and bets that he can put Sébastien in his pocket in five minutes. Raphaëlle therefore invites him to join them for coffee during the day.

Later, Raphaëlle takes the opportunity to send a file to her father to tell him that she has met someone. Very affectionate, she urges her father to make an effort with him when they meet.

In the afternoon, Stanislas, Raphaëlle and Sébastien meet at the Spoon for coffee. Very quickly, this moment turns into an interrogation. Fortunately, Stanislas does not allow himself to be dismantled and answers Sébatien’s questions while he manages to turn the situation in his favor when the latter tries to trap him at the opera.

Later, Raphaëlle criticizes her father for having perfectly played the role of pedantic prosecutor. If Sébastien considers that he was polite, he also assumes his protective instinct when it comes to his daughter. Although he acknowledges that Stanislas is not short of retorts, she does not feel them at all and considers him too obsequious. Also, she feels that his story is going too fast. As she is about to compare him to Xavier one more time, she tells Raphaëlle that if he obsesses her so much, she just has to marry him.

Disappointed with her father’s reaction, Raphaëlle later confides in her daughter. She secretly hoped that Sébastien would validate Stanislas. Fortunately, Camille is there to cheer him up and she knows how to find the right words to bring a smile to her face.


Since beating her cancer, Alma has been in the clouds and even suggests that her students take classes outdoors to take advantage of the good weather. Her good mood raises questions and Jack asks her if she has fallen in love with her. However, Alma points out that you don’t have to be in love with her to feel good about yourself.

At the end of class, Alma joins Audrey to go shopping. Since her remission, Alma confesses that she hasn’t stopped thinking about Benjamin and tells herself that it would be a shame to miss this story. Indeed, the English teacher understood that if she could not project herself with him it was not because of Samuel but because of his cancer.

With nothing stopping her, she calls Benjamin to find out if he’s free tonight. The latter then invites her to dinner at her house, to which she hastens to accept. Samuel, who overheard her conversation, tries to find out who her friend is meeting, but Benjamin refuses to tell him anything.

At night, Alma arrives at Benjamín’s house with the new dress she just bought. After exchanging some trivialities, they decide to share a moment of intimacy.

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