Zelda on PS5? Her rival is already there and it’s for sale!

Good news Zelda on PS5? Her rival is already there and it’s for sale!

The Legend of Zelda series is legendary! With adventures that have you exploring the world of Hyrule, meeting many characters, and facing immense danger, the Legend of Zelda games are must-play games. But, they are jealously guarded by Nintendo. Never mind, we’ve found a worthy match and it’s a PlayStation exclusive!

Currently, Amazon offers a good discount on the physical version of the great surprise of 2021 at the gaming level: Kena Bridge of Spirits. The physical version therefore falls below €30! Immersion in an exciting story, green landscapes and super cute companions will be there!

Buy Kena Bridge of Spirits Deluxe Edition on PS5 for €29 on Amazon

Kena Bridge of Spirits was a big surprise in 2021. In fact, Ember Lab, the studio that created the title, managed to gather critics, gamers, and gamers around this title that has features that seem quite familiar to us.

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a magical universe inspired by the best productions. So don’t be surprised to see certain parallels that can be drawn between Disney or Miyazaki movies.

But from a gameplay point of view, this action-adventure title is right up there with the best! Horizon Forbidden West, Okami, The Legend of Zelda and many others will have inspired and inspired the wonderful side found in Kena Bridge of Spirits.

The title puts you in the shoes of Kena, a young warrior whose role is to purify the surroundings of her village from environmental corruption. To do this, she can rely on Rot, small creatures. These will help you fight monsters and solve puzzles.

This is the great strength of the title. In a semi-open world, you alternate between combat, exploration, and investigation phases, as well as puzzles to solve. All this in a green environment, full of details and little things that make immersion a reality!

Kena Bridge of Spirits, brother of The Legend of Zelda?

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For her first try, Ember Lab simply lands a masterstroke. Delivering an action-adventure game that is ideally successful on every level, the studio, neophyte though it may be, isn’t satisfied with “just” meeting the specs of an excellent production perfectly. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a delightful breath of fresh air, beautifully blending the grace of a lavish animated film and the game design intelligence of an ingenious, multi-inspired video game. As for Ember Lab, with so much mastery of their theme for a first production, we must take our hats off to them and look forward to their next creation!

Buy Kena Bridge of Spirits Deluxe Edition on PS5 for €29 on Amazon

For more information on Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you can refer to the full test about her.

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