acquisition, logo, stadium, Kombouaré… Landreau reveals about the Collectif Nantais project

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Denoueix joins the Nantes Collective

“Officially, Reynald Denoueix participated and I really wanted to do it. I would have offered him to be a member if he wanted (laughs). There are more and more people and former FC Nantes players who are in the dynamic. Frankly, it’s very varied. I can’t say very accurately, but there are definitely parents who offer the subscription to their children.

Without moving from the Jonelière

“We are against Vair-sur-Loire. We don’t want it to be like that. Our wish is to stay in Jonelière, if that is possible and we can work with the communities for the future. There is a great need for rehabilitation. And to render, It is necessary. The certain thing is that there will be discussions around the training center”.

A new stadium?

“There will be a discussion, for sure. The community doesn’t want to own the club anymore. We are absolutely not in favor of a new stadium. Does it need a renovation, does it need a build? Let’s discuss with all interested parties first. Also think about the neighbours, in supporter groups. The idea is to serve the community.”

A new logo?

“A redesign, yes. She would clearly be back on the agenda. It would be a collective work that, in my opinion, is fundamental. For us, all stakeholders must interact. Some things worry them even more. It’s more the responsibility of the fans than the athlete.”

Kombouaré maintained in case of an acquisition?

“We want so much to trust people in their place, because there is competition, as in novelty, with people who correspond to the human and sporting values ​​that we want to put in their place. For me today, Antoine Kombouaré, for example, is doing a very good work”.

What date for a redemption?

“We only work with ideals. The ideal is next week. The ideal is to be champion of France (smiles). We don’t put pressure on ourselves because if you don’t meet the expectations behind it… Although I don’t like it sometimes, time is a friend to build things well”.

Your relationship with followers

“They are good, they are part of the think tanks. They are stakeholders and that is normal. All stakeholders are important. I was lucky to be a player at FC Nantes, I was passing through. I have the opportunity to invest with the Colectivo de Nantes, but it is the same, in this reflection, without a doubt, I will also be passing through.

To sum up

In an interview with readers of the Ouest-France newspaper on Wednesday, FC Nantes legend Mickaël Landreau had more to say about the Collectif Nantais project, which aims to buy Waldemar Kita’s Yellow House.

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