“America is ready to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian”

Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko during a visit to the Vostochny Cosmodrome on April 12, 2022.

A Russia that refuses “isolation” and even has the luxury of looking ahead. This is the message sent by Vladimir Putin to his fellow citizens during his visit to the Vostotchny Cosmodrome in the Far East on Tuesday, April 12. The Russian president was accompanied by his Belarusian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, who repeatedly called himself a ” younger brother “ and multiplied the signs of loyalty.

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As Russian industry worries about being cut off from the West and deprived of its technologies, the Kremlin chief has emphatically announced the resumption of Russia’s moon-bound space program. “We have no intention of being isolated, he said later at a news conference. It is impossible to drastically isolate someone in the modern world, especially in a country as big as Russia. »

He then assured that the Russian economy could be flexible when it comes to its supplies and its customers, and warned that the West would also suffer, taking the example of mineral fertilizers, mass-produced in Russia and Belarus. “It’s time for anti-Russian hysteria, but time will do its job, assured. When people are faced with rising gas prices, rising food prices, rising inflation, it will be reflected in national political processes. »

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“Clear and noble goals”

For Mr Putin, the sanctions and the attempt to isolate the Russian economy are part of the overall Western-led offensive against his country, and the US attempt to maintain its “world domination”. If I recognized that you give “difficulties” were “inevitable”, the Russian leader also mentioned ” opportunities “, recalling the development of certain sectors since 2014, agriculture in the lead.

“The blitzkrieg that those who wished us harm did not take place, he insisted. Our financial system, our industry works. » The ruble, in fact, has returned to levels close to before the start of operations in Ukraine (largely because Russian imports have fallen sharply), but the most serious difficulties, as far as the industry is concerned, are expected in the next months.

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On the military front, Vladimir Putin also wanted to be reassuring. “The special military operation is going according to plan,” repeated once again, assuring that the advance and subsequent retreat movements of the Russian army in the north of Ukraine had as their sole objective “fix the Ukrainian forces and destroy the military infrastructure.” According to him, the Russian army refrains from advancing ” faster “for “limit losses”.

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