Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine embarrassed, great discomfort live on television.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was taken by surprise on the set of C à vous, on France 5, the great awkwardness revealed live!

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine is a bit reserved. If viewers are used to seeing her as a journalist or host, she might have embraced a career as a writer. And that, Olivier Norek knows.

On the occasion of his promotion on the set of C à vous, the writer tickled the presenter by revealing a fact about her, which he obviously would have preferred to keep to himself: If you want, we can talk about your novel. The story of a young girl who falls loved from a server.

Concern of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine!

After letting out a nervous laugh, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine she said she was ashamed to have written this story. But she wanted to know who had entrusted her to Olivier Norek.

The latter then explained: If you want to know where the leak is coming from, you should ask yourself the same questions as at the crime scene, namely that the criminal is, in general, 80% in your circle of direct knowledge. Here the victim is you, probably this information comes from your direct circle.

Olivier Norek encourages the presenter to persevere

Far from making fun of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s rosewater novel, Olivier Norek encourages his interlocutor to persevere in this branch. Indeed, the writer would like to be able to read the story: I, in any case, am very happy to read this romance and I have an editor who would love to publish you.

Without taking this comment seriously, the presenter of C a ti, said: But no, that’s bullshit. It was called Grise mine and I can tell you that it wouldn’t overshadow you, eh, it really wouldn’t!

Using self-mockery as a weapon, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine continued: The title alone is horrible. There is nothing to get out of it. In addition, in her free time, the France 5 host prefers to take care of her kids.

In fact, in an interview, she had declared that she was not present enough for them: I often blame myself because, despite the little text messages, the little fill in, I do not have the time that I would like to exchange with them. Once there, I try to put the work aside.

Who is Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s husband?

Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine has been married for almost ten years to Philippe Coelho, a Franco-Portuguese architect. He is he father of his second son Vasco, now eight years old. And the least we can say is that the journalist is happy in her life. In addition, her man is very far from the media sphere: when the program is running, she takes care of the kids. He is an architect and also works a lot.

The truth about the absence of Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in C à vous!

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine was absent from C à vous. here is why reason.

Since September 2017, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine has been at the helm of the C à vous program at France 5. A position that she occupies more than anything. Since she took over from Anne-Sophie LapixThe journalist has managed to retain more than 2 million viewers and every night she is pleased to host her program.

Unfortunately, this Wednesday, April 6 2022Her fans were shocked to see that the pretty blonde had been replaced by Ali Baddou. I am very happy to be with you tonight, we kissed Babeth, he also fell down while he was sitting in Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s chair.

Shocked, Internet users did not stop showing their disappointment on social networks. Why is Ali Baddou presenting?” but where is Babeth? ” , ” She’s sick ? “, “May our Babeth Lemoine get better.

See you soon and take care of yourself ”, you could read on Twitter. Disappointed, some did not hesitate to stop the host. Ali Baddou’s attitude towards the Paty family’s lawyer is worrying, he regularly interrupts him, he is quite abrupt. This is not normal, said an angry viewer.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine

If Ali Baddou had decided not to explain the reasons for his partner’s absence, some C à vous fans remember Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine’s tired air during the parade on Tuesday 5 April. A relaxation that she did not hide since she had confided in him that she was not in very good shape when Wendy Suzuki arrived on set.

I fight there because I am a little sick, the journalist had indicated while specifying that it was not covid-19. I think I have a little flu. And that, I gave to all of you! Whether the host will be back for tonight’s edition remains to be seen. To be continued…A

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