Atlético: its trigger, its progression, the World Cup… Lemar’s revelations

Away from his difficult first months in Spain, attacking midfielder Thomas Lemar now shines with Atlético de Madrid. Very important in the eyes of his coach Diego Simeone, the Frenchman has regained his confidence and now aims to return to the French team for the next World Cup.

Athletic: son of

Thomas Lemar has found a good level with Atlético.

Present in the ranks of Atlético de Madrid since the summer of 2018, Thomas Lemar has encountered some difficulties in adapting to the game of the colchoneros. But with patience and effort, the 26-year-old attacking midfielder gradually adapted to the game of the Spanish team.

Despite an injury and contagion with the coronavirus that kept him away from the courts throughout the month of March, the former mongasque has, at this point in the season, already 32 participations in all competitions and occupies a favorite place in champion template. from Spain.

The click in 2021

To get there, the player formed Caen needed a click. This happened in 2021, after a long exchange with Madrid coach Diego Simeone, which allowed him to progress in different aspects. I had a discussion with the coach last year, when I started to find my place in the team. I have a role more in line with my style, which has made it easier for me to integrate into Atlético’s game system. This working side suits me, I already had it before. But I kept working more on my negative points, which turned into positive points…Lemar stressed, during an interview with AFP.

It’s mostly defensively. In the recovery of the ball, in the defensive withdrawals. In one, I worked a lot. This allowed me to broaden my palette. Now I am a more complete player than before.added the tricolor international, happy to have found his compatriot Antoine Griezmann last summer. We have a great bond. I get along very well with him on and off the field. The fact that he came back with us already moved me a lot, but also the club.

The World Cup in Qatar, the number one goal

Important in the Matelassiers device, and more impressive for his influence on the game than for his statistics (4 goals and 5 decisive assists in all competitions), Lemar wears colors. And inevitably, the world champion faces great challenges, such as finding the French team before the end of the year to play in the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 – December 18). It’s a big goal for me. I was away from the last selections due to physical problems, but I always had this goal in mind, to be on the list for the World Cup. Afterwards, all the players are important, so it’s up to me to prove my worth, to prove my worth to the coach.assumed the native of Baie-Mahault.

To achieve his goal, Lemar, who has not played for the Blues since September and with a rather mediocre performance against Bosnia (1-1), will have to maintain his level of performance and make even more differences at club level. And this Wednesday against Manchester City, on the occasion of the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

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