Bungie: Sony’s new property is definitely changing your work habits!

business news Bungie: Sony’s new property is definitely changing your work habits!

As you all know, the pandemic has changed our work habits considerably. Confinement, meetings and remote schooling, teleworking… so many practices that have forced us to rethink the way we carry out our work. The video game has not escaped this, and some studies intend to continue in the same dynamic.

Telecommuting in video games: a complex process

With many publishers and developers, the trend is to return to the office, sometimes with the abandonment of the use of a mask depending on the country and jurisdiction. many developers say they prefer to work in teams, because the human contact, the exchanges in the coffee machine, or the quick interpellations allow to create a kind of creative emulation. Not everyone shares this opinion, and that is why In some studies, the practice of teleworking has been developed, on some days of the week, in certain specific situations, etc. But, globally, in the industry, we are starting to find colleagues.

Bungie makes the jump!

At Bungie, recently acquired by Sony, we first had to coping with the constraints imposed by teleworking. It was necessary to completely overhaul the production process, manage the network infrastructures, provide the developers with the equipment they needed, and organize numerous meetings to take stock. That Bungie did not cool down the topic of remote work at all, as the results were considered satisfactory.

Over the past two years, we’ve redefined the way we work at Bungie. The transition to working from home has not been easy, but the results speak for themselves. Today, it is clear that a digitally driven workplace is not the future of work, it is the present and we are all in it.

Consequently, the studio has decided to present itself as a “digital-first” entityand allows your current and future employees work remotely permanentlybut not everywhere.

Constraints and concerns that remain at the industry level

Bungie: Sony's new property is definitely changing your work habits!

However, US law imposes some restrictions. Thus, while almost all positions are compatible with telecommuting, it is not it is not possible to apply and work from anywhere. Currently, only people living in Washington, California, Oregon, Texas, Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina you can take advantage of it. Joe Blackburn, director of Destiny 2, explains this limitation:

The taxes! It takes time to establish a business of this size to legally operate in so many different territories. I hope we continue to grow in the future.

Bungie: Sony's new property is definitely changing your work habits!

Therefore, employees who work remotely from one of these states will be able to continue to work on Destiny 2 or the new project, the development of which is led by Christopher Barrett. But Bungie is more than 900 employeesand it is not it is not about excluding face-to-face work. Liana Ruppert, Community Animator at Bungie, discusses this concernthat exists between various developers, from return to the premises :

There seems to be a lot of anxiety about some studies forcing workers to return to the office without masks and proof of vaccination. As an immunocompromised person, I understand how this can make you feel. I encourage you to fight this. But, if they don’t listen to you… Bungie has kept us informed throughout the process, and while it is possible to come into the office (proof of vaccination and health screening required and provided), there was no pressure to do so. It is important to feel safe.

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