Club: The job at MU slipped away from Pochettino due to the PSG tornado

A Time announced as Manchester United’s next manager at the Red Devils is expected to eventually recruit Erik Ten Hag instead of Mauricio Pochettino. Atlético returned to the reasons for the preference for the Ajax coach, when the position seemed promised to the Argentine.

In the English media, Mauricio Pochettino has long been touted as Manchester United’s main target to take over as manager at the end of the season, when Ralf Rangnick’s interim role ends. But for the past few weeks, Ajax manager Erik Ten Hag has been the Red Devils’ favorite according to many sources, a close if not done deal between the two sides. Athletic returned to the reasons that led the Mancunians to choose the Dutchman instead of the Argentine, when the position seemed promised.

Indeed, the PSG coach has for him knowing the English championship, having trusted Tottenham’s youngsters and helping them progress, playing exciting football when he was in London with modern methods. Furthermore, Pochettino still enjoys a high popularity rating in England and was even seen as capable of carrying the weight of being manager of Manchester United. For his part, his desire to cross the English Channel again is cited again, in particular the rumors that he was ready to return to Tottenham in the summer of 2021. However, it is not enough to convince MU, and the Anglo-Saxon media report that the Argentine coach has not won all the national trophies since taking charge of PSG in the winter of the 2020/2021 season.

PSG results that play against him

Faced with immediate pressure to seek results, which he had never had before in his coaching career, Mauricio Pochettino failed. The Argentine coach failed to clinch the title last year, also missed out on the Trophée des Champions at the start of the season, and was eliminated in the French Cup round of 16 this season, not to mention European disenchantment with Real Madrid.

For the online media, this could be a first point playing against Mauricio Pochettino. In addition, The Athletic indicates that Manchester United is, in the English championship, the closest thing to PSG in terms of sports management. If the coach has not managed to impose his vision on one, he could hardly do it on the other, in short, since nothing is really similar to PSG. The vision of the Argentine coach, fond of pressure, eager to move his players forward, seems, perhaps, too far from what PSG or Manchester United require to succeed.

A manager now blocked for top clubs?

However, a source close to PSG told the English newspaper, ” Pochettino is a fantastic guy who puts his heart into at his job in Paris. However, this should not be enough for the Argentine manager to find England, at least not at Manchester United. On the other hand, at other prestigious clubs, Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have only one year on their contracts at Manchester City and Liverpool, but now it is difficult to imagine these two clubs without these managers on board.

Finally, Mauricio Pochettino is a coach with whom the clubs must take into account that they will have to rebuild and build a team. This really does not match the European leaders, who need immediate and short-term results. For him, who continues to be appreciated by all the big clubs, including Real Madrid, the idea could therefore now be to develop a team in an emerging club, in his image and with his principles, even if that means not sitting in a marquee bench. For now, concludes Atlético.

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