Florent Pagny, who suffers from cancer, breaks down and breaks into tears live on television – the reasons!

The unexpected tears of Florent Pagny angered Internet users during the second edition of the famous Battles of The Voice.

The second edition of the famous Battles of The Voice took place on April 9, 2022. As always, the jurors were Nikos Aliagas, Amel Bent, Florent Pagny, Vianney, Marc Lavoine, but also Nolwenn Leroy, the surprise trainer. They had to do, once again, new elections carnelians. And it must be said, the task was not easy.

The battle of the voice

The show opened with a fiery version of Gloria Gaynor’s song I Will Survive. The spectators were spellbound. And right after the performance of June Milo and Morgane, his young talent, Florent Pagny had tears in his eyes.

A great show The Voice

Spectators enjoyed a great show during this eleventh season. Also, Florent Pagny’s words saying “She is ready for the fight” illustrates it well as the atmosphere was warm with the young talents.

Florence Pagny

During the first battle of the afternoon, María Battista and Sonia faced each other. They faced off on Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. they set it on fire the scene. However, Sonia’s victory caused a great debate on social networks. She did not convince netizens.

The other battle of the night faced Ofé, Velours and Jessy, a trio of talents from the marc lavoin. The trio took over Michel Berger’s Paradis Blanc. The performance of the young women was very fluid. marc lavoinSeeing them, his eyes filled with tears and he also decided to continue the adventure with Ofé.

Then came the fight between Jude Milo and Morgane. This was a sequence full of emotions for his coach, Florent Pagny.

Florent Pagny badly and totally crying

Morgane performed the Corps d’Yseult song and wowed the jury during the blind auditions. During of the second number of the famous Battles of La Voz then, the candidate, only 16 years old, took the stage with June Milo, a 36-year-old professional singer.

Florence Pagny

The latter would be vocally, a Martian as her coach said. Together, the two candidates performed Encore a soir de celine dion. Much people he thought June was the lucky winner of the battle. But this was not, however, the opinion of Florent Pagny. He decided otherwise.

It is true that June, you are a great technician and it is true that Morgane twisted two triples on you in the middle of the performance. It is true that, in that logic, she would define herself, she said with a sobbing voice.

He then goes on to say:

I am in a special season. There are a lot of weird talents and I have a lot of weird talents on my team. I’m drawn to that quirk, so I’ll stick with Morgan.

In front of spectators and others. The Voice Coaches, the coach and his protégé kissed. The public was excited to see them. An unforgettable moment that marked both La Voz fans and Internet users.

Tears of Florent Pagny

The latter could not help comparing what happened with the state of Health of the singer Seeing him in tears, they worried and wondered about the coach’s cancer.

But ? ?? I thought you were going to make the announcement? I didn’t understand what she meant. I thought Florent was going to give a speech about his cancer, Florent all the way! I wait for everything heart that he too will come out of it! ❤️❤️ Damn he made me shed tears! Don’t do this to me, read a Twitter message.

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