her daughter Joy shares an intimate and heartbreaking moment

The normally discreet teenager took to her Instagram account on April 9, 2022 and posted a very moving photo.. In the caption of this photo, he wrote a message, which also made Laeticia Hallyday react..

a grieving family

Johnny Hallyday passed away leaving fans in tears, but in particular leaving his family in mourning. For information, he had two children with his wife, Laeticia Hallyday, two girls that the couple decided to adopt.

Since his death, nothing has been the same. The pain was immense for the beautiful blonde and her two children who are still very affected today by the great emptiness left by the owner. As proof, they never stop paying homage to him. This is what Joy did recently.

instagram screenshot

“My dad and I are so alike”

jade’s sister has shocked netizens by posting a photo of her in the arms of her late father. In her caption, she wrote:

“My dad and I are so alike. Love you “.

The Instagram post was praised by many people, namely Hélène Darroze, Yodelice. Her mother also wanted to react, commenting on the publication. Khalil Lespert’s girlfriend wrote:

“You are so much like him and you carry forever his most beautiful values ​​and his unconditional love. He gave you so many things. He would be very proud today to see you play the guitar with such passion and determination. He will never stop guiding you. This love that no one can ever steal from you my angel. »

instagram screenshot

an amazing message

It is true that the The post was full of love. However, part of Laeticia Hallyday’s message has aroused the curiosity of some Internet users. In fact, she said:

“Despite the lies, the hatred and resentment of the beings who abandoned us. Love will always be stronger than anything. »

Was the mother of two talking to anyone in particular? Anyway, we don’t know. Regardless, Joy Hallyday’s post got subscribers reacting. But it is to be known that it is not the first time that Laeticia’s daughters think of her father.

An impossible mourning for Jade

In December 2021, it was Jade Hallyday who paid tribute to her father, on the occasion of the four years of the rocker’s death. The teenager herself posted a throwback photo of herself in her daddy’s arms when she was still a baby.

instagram screenshot

They were both swimming and had smiles on their faces. By way of legend, Jade mentioned:

“Four years since you left us dad, every day passes without your presence and every day I feel this sorrow. There isn’t a single day that I don’t think of you and all of our past moments. I will never forget all our memories created. »

He then went on to say that he misses his father. Losing your father is never easy and Jade Hallyday knows that very well. However, the adolescent still retains the conviction that from where he is, the Taulier watches over her and her family.

“I am sure that you are taking care of all three of us and are by our side. I hope you are proud of the person I have become,” he concluded.

Internet users affected for his tribute, he reacted in the comments section. They supported Laeticia’s daughter by telling her:

“Great thoughts for the three of us, we miss him too”, “Beautiful message Jade. Your dad is taking care of you, don’t hesitate”, “Excellent text, surely he must be proud. »

Sure, Johnny Hallyday is not lost not just his family. He is also missed by his fans, who continue to support the family of the deceased when he is gone. He was the idol of the youth of his time and still is until now. Strength for Laeticia Hallyday and her daughters!

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