in the emergency room of the Orleans hospital, the cry of anguish of the striking caregivers

in the corridor of orleans Hospital Emergency Room, calm has reigned in the Loiret for several days. Nothing to do with the usual environment. “You have to imagine stretchers along the wall, sometimes to the right and to the leftsays Dr. Mathieu Leroy, an emergency physician. You can barely move, there’s noise, people call… And it’s empty there.”

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Before almost completely closed due to lack of personnel, emergencies have reached total saturation. The white plan has been triggered. They spent three to four days waiting on stretchers before being admitted to the wards, putting patients at risk. “Studies show that when someone remains on a stretcher for days, their clinical condition automatically worsens”, continues the emergency doctor. And it is this situation that made the nurses and paramedics crack. “It creates an enormous mental burden for our caregivers.explains Aline Cassonet, health manager.

“They feel like they’re not doing their job right, that they’re being inhumane, that they’re being abused.”

Aline Cassonet, Health Executive

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caregivers “They already come to work with a knot in their stomach, and then they leave even more with a knot in their stomach, even crying”regrets Aline Cassonet. “We reached conditions where they have maybe 20, 25 patients in their sector, while in a hospital service, the quota is one nurse for every ten patients.”

The entrance to the emergency department of the Orléans hospital, where it is indicated that only vital emergencies are attended, on April 12, 2022. (MARGAUX CAROFF / RADIO FRANCE)

This observation is shared by the general director of the hospital, Olivier Boyer. He is also lucid with the crisis that the emergency room is going through. “We don’t take good care of people, that’s clearacknowledges the director. There are nurses who told me that patients died on stretchers, not necessarily because they were not cared for.

“Many times, the end of life occurs in the hospital and it is true that it does not occur in decent conditions.”

Olivier Boyer, general director of the hospital

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Olivier Boyer explains this degradation by the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent recruitment problems. “The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the difficultyjustifies. Because we don’t have enough nurses, we’re short of 90 nurses, we have 150 beds out of just over 1,000 short-stay beds that are closed. And so, with 150 beds closed, all the freedom we have to hospitalize people as quickly as possible falls to the ground.

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A crisis resolution protocol is being negotiated with the Regional Health Agency (ARS): the goal is not to exceed 48 patients treated in the emergency room. Meanwhile, the Samu only brings absolute emergencies to the Orleans hospital.

The crisis in the emergency room of the Orleans hospital – report by Margaux Caroff

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