Koh-Lanta: Setha’s puzzling bluff to stay on the adventure

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In the seventh episode of “Koh-Lanta”, broadcast Tuesday night on TF1, the yellows and the reds took part in two classic adventure game events. Various twists have punctuated the board.

One week after the second elimination of Stéphanie, the Paris dealer, there were eight reds and eight yellows left at the start of this seventh episode of “Koh-Lanta” in the Philippines. For the game of comfort, the candidates had to demonstrate skill and team spirit. Game Start: Jump into the sea from a pontoon, swim 40 meters, climb onto a platform, break the airborne pottery with a stick, collect the reward inside, and swim back to the pontoon for delivery.

Another yellow victory

A difficult test and very even until the end between the two teams. Once again, the yellows have won the game of comfort. With a prestigious reward: an evening on a boat with a sweet and savory meal, an evening of dancing and a night on board. According to Olga and Colin, the adventurers ate too much! A “jet-set from Koh-Lanta”, François mocked the red team on his side. Reds deprived of training for the immunity test due to the cursed totem while yellows were able to train on the catapult. Once again, the night was cool and damp in the camp.

Once summoned to the immunity test, the yellows and the reds had to participate in the game of catapults. Objective: destroy eight targets in the sand with projectiles that first had to be collected in the sea. A test of skill and precision that is not at all obvious. The beginnings were laborious. In the attempts, the reds gained in precision, winning the test with 8 goals against 4 despite the disadvantage of not having trained.

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Setha’s bluff continue

Consequence of the red victory: the yellows had to eliminate one of their own. Since the first episode, Setha, Lyon’s graphic designer, has led her team to believe that she has found an immunity necklace on the island. A hoax that saved her from several eliminations in the past. Another adventurer in danger: Yannick, the basketball player from the Alpes-Maritimes, with two cursed bracelets. Alexandra, the Martinique media director was afraid of being the collateral victim.

At the end of the council’s vote, Setha logically didn’t pull out an immunity necklace – which she didn’t have – much to the astonishment of her peers. She got 4 votes against, Yannick 2 votes and Alexandra 4 votes. Due to the tie between Setha and Alexandra, a second vote was held: the adventurers had to choose to eliminate Setha or Alexandra. The Martinique media leader finally got 4 votes to 4 in Setha. Definitive solution to eliminate one of the two women: draw. Alexandra, who shot the black ball, was finally permanently eliminated from “Koh-Lanta”.

Setha Awards:
– Invent an immunity necklace.
– Change equipment when going to jump
– Make your new team believe that you have their imaginary necklace
– Escape from all tracks
– Go to the black ball and drop Alexandra

the queen of this #kohlanta pic.twitter.com/yeTaGUBsSk

— Aibo (@Pikabloo) April 12, 2022

False setha necklace is Koh-Lanta’s most beautiful strategy all seasons combined \ud83d\ude09#kohlanta

— JC 10 (@JennCisano) April 12, 2022

But how do they think Setha has a necklace if she doesn’t take it off when she’s in danger? really naive… #kohlanta

– Giuseppina Puccio (@GiuseppinaPucc1) April 12, 2022

Next week, the yellows and the reds will face each other for the last time before the ambassadors’ test and the traditional reunification.

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