MotoGP 2023: Fabio Quartararo will make his decision before June 21

Fabio Quartararo has just set a clear deadline for the first time regarding the decision he will make for the rest of his MotoGP career. After 2022, he or she will continue with Yamaha or defend another cause, but what is certain now is that the day of the music festival will have been said mass. And listening to the French world champion, the Iwata brand is not more favorite than any other. But the Frenchman is calm, because he knows that he is in good hands with his coach, Eric Mahé…

fabio quartararo was on the barge receiving a reception in honor of the next French Grand Prix. He knows that he is struggling on certain tracks with a yamaha that rows in a straight line and is not very promising for a future that has to be decided in the middle of the season. The World Champion has lifted a corner of the veil because he is not one of those who lead by boat and has set this deadline: ” my future will be decided, I think, before the summer ».

Therefore, at most, Portugal, Spain, Le Mans, Mugello, Catalonia and Sachsenring would remain to yamaha to persuade you that the M1 is still the right choice for a brilliant career. Because fabio quartararo he has already declared it, he wants a route to Rossi and Marc Marquez. He feels that he has the capabilities and needs the motorcycle for it. However, this is how the tricolor analyzes its current M1: “ there was a time when the Yamaha chassis was superior to other brands. Now, Yamaha’s chassis is not superior to other brands, but we are really inferior in the engine ».

Which leads to this consequence: now we can say that there are Yamaha circuits because they are necessarily the circuits with the fewest straights. That’s why we’re going to have to be focused, not think too much about this engine and just think about scoring as many points as possible when we know we have good opportunities. Regularity, I think we have it. Unfortunately, if we are consistent, it is not because of good positions. We will see what our position is in Europe, but in any case I think we managed to do a good job, although unfortunately we take positions that I don’t like at all. In any case, more than reaching Europe, it is reaching circuits where there are fewer straights and where we can compete with the others, which I hope. ».

Fabio Quartararo: « I hope we can make progress because the difference is huge and it’s not easy.«

Add in comments viewed on motosan : « I hope we can make progress because the difference is huge and it’s not easy. When you go solo and manage to set your own pace, it’s more or less doable. But once you’re in a band, that’s something you can’t do. We have a very particular style of driving and we cannot maintain the same style whether we go in a group or alone.. This is the difficulty we have at the moment, in addition to the maximum speed ».

And it has only one goal: for now, the goal is to try to do the best we can. We know that we lack speed, but in the last race I managed to get rid of it in the first few laps. I knew that unfortunately the engine was not going to help us. But so far it is true that we have only been on circuits with a lot of straights, apart from Indonesia, where we took pole in the dry and had the pace to win. ».

So much for the situation that will forge the great decision to come…” I know very well that my representative had interviews. I’ll have one with him when he feels like I really have to decide the future. Fabio commented on the behind-the-scenes work carried out by Eric Mahé. « I have no idea when it will be decided, but i know i’m in good hands. I know that my agent is taking very good care of my future and now all I have in mind is to try to do my best this season. How soon my future will be decided, I don’t know. I think it will be before the summer. “. This is noted on the calendar.

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