No Man’s Sky: Space pirates come to sow discord with the new update

game news No Man’s Sky: Space pirates come to sow discord with the new update

Following the release of a first major update earlier in the year, No Man’s Sky returns to the front of the stage today to give us an in-depth look at its second free expansion of 2022; an extension that is already available.

more intense fights

After the Sentinel extension released earlier this year, no man’s sky seems, recently, to want to improve the fights. Indeed, the new major update titled “Outlaws(available now on all platforms and even PlayStation VR) continues to put the clashes on a pedestal. However, this free expansion does not focus on ground combat unlike Sentinel, but rather on combat that takes place in the air.

In Outlaws, space pirates have taken over many space stations. The latter use these floating compounds to carry out smuggling operations or even assaults on neighboring planets. Faced with the oppression of the universe by pirates, players now have two options: muster your courage to undermine the pirates’ plans by engaging in space combat or become a renegade to take part in the nefarious activities of this new group. For the occasion, the space combat has been improved to provide balance and feel.

Maneuverability has been improved, weapons have new visual effects, enemy ships have shields, and weapon selection has been deepened with a variety of specialized secondary effects, such as slowing enemy engines or disabling weapon system shields. Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games

No Man's Sky: Space pirates come to sow discord with the new updateNo Man's Sky: Space pirates come to sow discord with the new update

Also note that combat between ships can now take place in the atmosphere of a planet to provide an extra dose of spectacle and that a new driving mode has been added: the Auto-Follow mode.

This option allows players to automatically align their ship with their current target. This mode allows the player to intervene on the controls, but avoids any frustration with spotting and locking enemy ships. Sean Murray

new assignments

To accompany the arrival of pirates in the world of No Man’s Sky, the title obviously adds a new series of missions. That’s not all, it also allows you to buy illegal goods, ideal for reselling, or for looting resources from passing ships. This is good because Outlaws also improves your ship stock by adding high capacity slots. Other slots can also be unlocked from the Ship Upgrade Terminal.

A new set of quests takes players to these new hotbeds of rebellion, and once there, they’ll find a specialized bounty master with new hack quests, black market tech vendors with a variety of suspicious upgrades, and the opportunity to acquire valuable illegal goods. in another part of the galaxy. Players adept at hacking can also acquire a fake passport that will allow them to repair the damage done to their reputations by their activities. Sean Murray

No Man's Sky: Space pirates come to sow discord with the new updateNo Man's Sky: Space pirates come to sow discord with the new update

Guardians of the Galaxy

Either way, whether you choose to join the pirates or annihilate them, now, thanks to the Outlaws update, it is possible to recruit many teammates to form your own squad of pilots. These companions, if necessary, can give you a hand during space battles. But to recruit members, you obviously have to find them by exploring the galaxy and sympathize with them. Also, to further boost the immersion, keep in mind that each pilot can be upgraded to gain in efficiency.

A new ship is on the way

The free Outlaws update also introduces a new ship. available for purchase, namely the solar ship. A robust ship, equipped with sails and technology that allows it to move at high speed.

The first new ship in No Man’s Sky since early 2020 is a high-tech, sophisticated flight device. With unique sail and solar powered technology, it is the boat of choice for those looking to speed through the stars.

Finally, note that the ship’s garage has also been increased for everyone. Players can now purchase a total of nine ships compared to six in the past.

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