PGW 2022: the greatest French show returns! Date, box office, we tell you everything

news event PGW 2022: the greatest French show is making a comeback! Date, ticket office, we tell you everything

The ad just dropped. After three years of absence, Paris Games Week returns to the Porte de Versailles. And SELL not only confirmed it with a small preview revealed on the networks today. The Leisure Software Publishers Guild has just revealed the date of the event, as well as some information.


  • Paris Games Week 2022 will take place
  • An edition under the sign of the meeting
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Paris Games Week 2022 will take place

While E3 was recently canceled again this year, we are beginning to doubt that other events of the same type will take place. But after Gamescom, it’s Paris Games Week’s turn to give us a date for a face-to-face show. And you can book the date. PGW 2022 itself will be held from November 2 to 6, 2022. As usual, the show will open its doors one day before (that is, on November 1) to receive industry professionals (journalists, content creators, etc.). The box office will open on June 15 on the official website of the Paris Games Week.

For the place, we do not change a winning team. In fact, PGW 2022 will once again take place in the largest exhibition center in France: Paris Expo at the Porte de Versailles. As for size and exhibitors, the mystery remains. For the moment, the organizers have not given more information on this subject, but promise to get back to us very quickly to communicate the program and other important details.

An edition under the sign of the meeting

The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected the events industry. By preventing large concentrations of people, it thus closes the doors of the events expected by thousands of players. Therefore, the return of the PGW is a small event in itself and bodes well for a better future for video game fairs. Thanks to the current situation, the organizers of the French fair feel able to fulfill the promise they made to us last year when they canceled the 2021 edition: the reunion will take place in 2022.

Today is therefore a day of celebration for the SELL, which has had a great time. Shortly after their little teaser on social media, the syndicate gave themselves their most beautiful press release. to drive the point home a bit more. We also find the words full of joy from the general delegate of SELL, Nicolas Vignolles:

The French video game will find its party. What an immense joy to be able to meet again! We are going to offer all our communities of very committed players, this landmark event that they have helped shape for more than 10 years and that has been sorely missed. We have used the last two years to design this edition; a meeting that promises to be unforgettable.

PGW 2022: the largest French show is making a comeback!  Date, ticket office, we tell you everything

what to expect?

If the Paris show doesn’t have the same aura as E3 or Gamescom, that doesn’t mean it’s stingy with announcements and other discoveries. It is true that its main objective is, above all, to allow players to try future titles. But we’re not immune to some big surprises, especially in this context where announcements are no longer limited to holy E3. If we tend to forget, the PGW has already been entitled to its share of World Premiere. In 2017, the show opened with a two-hour PlayStation conference broadcast. On this occasion, Phantom of Tsushima Y concrete genius had been announced, while
God of War, marvel spider man either The Last of Us Part II it had been revealed a little more with unpublished images. We can expect Sony to repeat the experience this year, especially since certain God of War: Ragnarok it is noticeably in the boxes. But we are not immune from seeing another industry giant take its place to kick off this 2022 edition in style.

PGW 2022: the greatest French show is making a comeback!  Date, box office, we tell you everything

The PGW also has the opportunity to highlight the French game. This happens mainly through the stand. Games made in France, which brings together several French titles released or to come each year. The opportunity for players to discover these (mostly little-known) titles, but also to meet those who created them. A healthy presentation that is sometimes accompanied by some introductions. This is what made Art in 2019 with the games The Tramp: Frankenstein’s Creature Y vectorom. This year, therefore, we can expect to see Inua – A story in ice and time Y Unmaze – A myth of light and shadowthe last two titles of the French publisher.

In addition to the games themselves, the PGW has always been a time of sharing with various organizations. In addition to the various schools present in the place to highlight their training, there are associations that work to make video games more inclusive, for example. This is particularly the case for play as you are Y women in games who organized many discussions and other experiences to make the voice of players with disabilities and women heard. Whether these stands will make it back into the game remains to be seen.

PGW 2022: the greatest French show is making a comeback!  Date, box office, we tell you everything

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