Philippe Clement (Monaco coach): “When you do things right, the results always come”

“Where are Guillermo Maripan and Gelson Martins, who were absent last week?

I can’t say anything definitive about them, but it’s going to be hard to get them ready for the game. We’ll see it tomorrow (Thursday) after training They did not train with the group, only individually. For “Mari”, I have a big doubt. Gelson, it’s muscular discomfort (adductors). We have to see how it evolves.

How do you judge the evolution of Kevin Volland, who comes from a difficult moment?
I know I had pain since August, in my ankle. When I saw him move in the last games and in the last training sessions, was different from the previous three months. He received an infiltration during the truce to remove the pain from him and that freed him. I hope he continues like this until the end of the season. That he is in good shape can change a lot of things for the team, because then he can still be dangerous.

Kevin Volland has scored in his last two appearances in Ligue 1, his first two goals in the 2022 Championship. (F. Porcu/L’Équipe)

You organized a team building operation last week, with paintball and a barbecue on the programme. Did you feel that the group needed it?
Having connections between players is a very important thing. The more things you do together on the field, the more you do together on the field. Several players said that the group lacked that kind of thing, doing activities together outside of training. It wasn’t just with the players, it was also with all the people who work at La Turbie. I saw a lot of enthusiasm from everyone.

“Here I do not want us to feel that we come to work in a factory, I want to create a family where we do special things”

When you feel good in your work environment, it gives something more to the field. I still have other ideas for the next few months. It is important. Working hard is the most important thing. But you also have to do nice things in your work environment. Here I do not want us to feel that we come to work in a factory, I want to create a family where we do special things.

do you think you can still catch up with Rennes and Marseille to finish on the podium ?
You know what I’m going to say (smile). Everything is still possible. Except being champion given the points behind PSG (21 points, seven days from the end). But everything else is still possible, including the Champions League. And not just for us.

Do you consider this good series (4 wins in 5 days) as a personal revenge after the criticism you have suffered for your work?
No. With social media and all the analysts out there, we live in a world where there are a lot of opinions. That’s right, that’s our life. I know what we do here with the players. I really believe that when there is time to work with a band, you can do great things. I was already convinced of this here two months ago. When you do things really well every day, the results always come. »

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