Pyrénées-Orientales: Booder, Arnaud Ducret, Gérémy Crédeville… discover the program of Mathieu Madénian’s F’estival de Collioure

The Collioure Festival, organized and produced by the City in close collaboration with Mathieu Madénian, will be held for the first time in Place Caloni, in front of the bell tower, on July 29, 30 and 31.

This time, it’s official. For several months, Mathieu Madénian has not hidden his project for a comedy festival in the Pyrénées-Orientales. The troublemaker made in Saleilles finally gives birth to his new “baby”, as he calls it. The F’estival de Collioure will see the light of day on July 29, 30 and 31, 2022. A first edition that benefits from both the humorist’s address book and the municipal desire to create a lasting event. “Honestly ? I absolutely wanted this event to be from the town hall and not from a production box, explains Mathieu Madenian. However, we have been contacted by very big names in the business. But it was a direct no. Because when a producer is in the game, if one day he wants to change locations, he breaks with the festival and the city is left with nothing.“.

Thanks to an investment of €145,000 to €150,000 made by the Collioure City Council, 18 artists will succeed each other on the Festival stage that will unfold in front of the bell tower, in Place Caloni. Arnaud Ducret (July 29), Booder (July 31) and, of course, Mathieu Madénian (July 30) will be the headliners. Before their respective shows, an ensemble of young artists will liven up the crowd. But many of these talents are already known by the general public. Gérémy Crédeville (columnist for France Inter), the humorous singer famous for her Tristitude Oldelaf or even Christine Berrou (columnist for Télématin on France 2 and Piquantes! on Téva) will be among the driving forces behind the new scene.

A festival “feet in the water”

Mathieu Madénian believes that these inveterate comedians were especially seduced by the setting of this town on the Catalan coast. “It’s not the cache that attracts them because a Booder or a Ducret fills the big rooms. But having played in many places, I can assure you that almost every time you hear about a ski or beach festival, you end up in a party room or a cinema. There, you are truly facing the sea, with your feet in the water. Personally, this is the first time I see this. The idea is that the performers scheduled this year can then go spread the good word to fellow comedians.“.

Collioure already tripled its population during the summer period, did it really need a festival to liven up its town and perhaps attract new vacationers during this time of year? For Guy Llobet, the first magistrate, the answer is obvious: “Collioure is an important historical and cultural heritage. But it is also a festive city. We are in a troubled world. We need to get out of this environmental depression, we need to diversify and I think people want to laugh.“.

Fans and the curious who want to discover the event will have to pay €10 for the set of five young talents and €32 for the headliners. 450 seats will be available per show.

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