Roubaix – Gouvenou and Perque: “It will be a different Paris-Roubaix”

The last acknowledgments of the course of Paris-RoubaixWomen’s Saturday and Men’s Sunday, were held this Tuesday, April 12 by Thierry Gouvenourace director of Paris-RoubaixY Frank Becauserace director of Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift. The organization assigned a difficulty rating to each of the cobbled sections of the race, valued according to its length, the irregularity of the cobblestones, the general condition of the section and its location. The sectors classified as five stars are still the Arenberg gap (#19), Mons-en-Pévele (#11) and the tree crossroads (# 4).

Video – Gouvenou and Perque during the reconnaissance this Tuesday of the Paris-Roubaix

Thierry Gouvenou: “Great chances of having time trial champions at the front”

Over the total distance of 257.2 km, the runners of the 119me The edition will be fought next Sunday, April 17, on cobblestones for 54.8 km, with 30 sectors to tackle over the last 160 kilometres, whose difficulty levels range between one and five stars. As for the second edition of Paris-Roubaix Women with zwiftwhich takes place on the eve of Saturday, April 16, offers 29.2 km of cobblestones, the last 84 kilometers being common to both races. Thierry Gouvenourace director of Paris-RoubaixY Frank Becauserace director of Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift introduce ourselves, among others, to the microphone of Sports 59/62what awaits us this weekendhell of the north.

“We expect a Paris-Roubaix with dust and wind, it will be different from last year”parcel Thierry Gouvenou. “Racing in the dry will favor the great drivers, with the tactical and technical aspects being a little less important. On the other hand, you need a lot of power, and I think we have a good chance of having time trial champions at the front. among them Ganna, Küng and Asgreen. Behind us we will have specialists who adapt to all weather conditions, with Mathieu van der Poel who should be at his highest level. There will be a fight for victory, that’s for sure.”

Thierry Gouvenourace director of Paris-RoubaixY Frank Becauserace director of Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift

Star counters often have their eyes glued to the sky and their heads in the clouds. Those who dissect the cobbled sections of the Paris-Roubaix, by contrast, have their eyes fixed on the ground, tracking the traps in which the riders could get their guts stuck. During the days before the Queen of the Classics, we witness the ballet of teams that come to soak up the atmosphere and jump more or less gracefully on the cobblestones that they will have to face next weekend. Traditionally, it is the organizers who give the starting signal to these “recos”, also inviting the media to know the state of the field.

The discussions then revolve a lot around weather forecasts, each of the parties being able to also act as road repairmen when evaluating the deterioration or improvement of certain sections. This year, the very slight modifications of the route are at the level of the first difficulties, returning to the program the Vertain sector (nº 26) in its long version, as well as the more affordable Saulzoir sector (nº 24), where the students of the school of horticulture Raismes were able to explain the art of paving to their visitors during the day. At the end of their journey to the velodrome, the Paris-Roubaix runners will be able to count on 94 stars, one less than last fall, a difference that is explained by the recent renewal of the Hem sector (#2), the penultimate of the wide menu.

The 2nd edition of the Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift

the runners of Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift saw their mileage increase by about ten kilometres, with a lap added to the circuit after the start at Denain. On the other hand, its paved program remained the same, with 29.2 kilometers spread over 17 sectors. For the ladies, the route joins that of the men 85 kilometers from the finish line: they will therefore start with the four-star sector that goes from baking for wands, 3.7 km long. It is precisely in this passage, which was delicate from the beginning, that the British Genevieve Deignan he had launched his victorious solo foray last year. Surely it will be more difficult to surprise the favorites next Saturday.

“We’re leaving, we’re ready for this 2nd edition”explain Frank Whythe race director, at the microphone of Sports 59/62. “The weather is looking pretty good, we should have dry cobbles, which was not the case last year. So we should have a slightly different race, with maybe more riders on the front rollers, like Ellen van Dijk […] Last year we set the bar pretty high and if we noticed that the girls had driven over 39km/h in pretty extreme conditions then we can expect the course to evolve (for years to come) if they continue like this. Quick.”

30: Troisvilles to Inchy (km 96.3 – 2.2 km) ***

29: Viesly to Quiévy (km 102.8 – 1.8 km) ***

28: Quiévy to Saint-Python (km 105.4 – 3.7 km) ****

27: Saint-Python (km 110.1 – 1.5 km) **

26: Vertain at Saint-Martin-sur-Écaillon (km 117.9 – 2.3 km) ***

25: Haussy (123.7 km – 0.8 km) **

24: Saulzoir in Verchain-Maugré (km 130.6 – 1.2 km) **

23: Verchain-Maugré in Quérénaing (km 134.9 – 1.6 km) ***

22: Querénaing in maing (137.6 km – 2.5 km) ***

twenty-one: maing at Monchaux-sur-Ecaillon (km 140.7 – 1.6 km) ***

20: Haveluy to Wallers (km 153.7 – 2.5 km) ****

19: Trouée d’Arenberg (km 161.9 – 2.3 km) *****

18: Wallers to Hélesmes (km 167.9 – 1.6 km) ***

17: Baking at wands (174.7 km – 3.7 km) **** (first sector of Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift)

16: Warlaing to Brillon (km 182.2 – 2.4 km) ***

15: Tilloy in Sars-et-Rosières (km 185.6 – 2.4 km) ****

14: Beuvry-la-Forêt to Orchies (km 192 – 1.4 km) ***

13: Orchids (km 197 – 1.7 km) ***

12: wow-lez-Orchies to Bersée (km 203.1 – 2.7 km) ****

11: Mons-en-Pévèle (km 208.6 – 3 km) *****

10: Mérignies to Avelin (km 214.6 – 0.7 km) **

9: Pont-Thibault in Ennevelin (km 218 – 1.4 km) ***

8: Templeuve – L’Epinette (km 223.4 – 0.2 km) *

8: Templeuve – Moulin-de-Vertain (km 223.9 – 0.5 km) **

7: Cysoing to Bourghelles (km 230.3 – 1.3 km) ***

6: Bourghelles to Wannehain (232.8 km – 1.1 km) ***

5: Camphin-en-Pévèle (km 237.3 – 1.8 km) ****

4: Crossroads of the Tree (km 240 – 2.1 km) *****

3: Gruson (242.3 km – 1.1 km) **

2: Willems à Hem (km 249 – 1.4 km) **

1: Roubaix – Space Charles Crupelandt (255.8km – 0.3km) *

Paris-Roubaix Challenge

Saturday April 16, 2022 – 24 hours before the elite race and a few hours before Paris-Roubaix Women with zwift, a platoon of amateur runners will face the Queen of the Classics and its mythical cobbled sections. Three distances are offered to cyclists, in order to meet all levels of preparation: 70, 145 or 170 km, everyone will find a legend to their liking. Information and registration at Y

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