the predictions of an American media, with a good course for the Blues

Seven months before the 2022 World Cup, ESPN had fun predicting all the matches in the competition, from the group stage to the final scheduled for December 18 in Lusail (Qatar). And in this little game, the French team is eliminated at the gates of the final…

There are still seven months to go until the start of the world cup 2022. It’s very long and a lot can happen between now and then. ESPN he’s well aware of this, but that didn’t stop him from making detailed predictions this early spring. While some places remain to be awarded, the American media outlet specifies that it has chosen to classify Peru, Wales and Costa Rica for their FIFA classification (to the detriment of New Zealand, UkraineScotland, Australia and the United Arab Emirates).

To predict all 64 matches in the competition (from the group stage to the final), ESPN partnered with consultancy Twenty First Group, which designed a model that combined individual player ratings and national team performances. Based in particular on the last major competitions played: the European Championship, the League of Nations, the Copa América and the CAN.

Belgium and Croatia eliminated in the first round

In this game, the group stage holds some notable surprises, with the victory of Morocco against Croatia (2-1), Canada against Belgium (2-1) or South Korea against Uruguay (1-0). The Croats (finalists in 2018), the Belgians and the Uruguayans are also out of the first round of the World Cup. Like Mexico, Japan, Serbia, Cameroon or Ghana.

Placed in group D, the French team begins its tournament with a narrow victory against Peru (1-0). Didier Deschamps’ players are then hooked by Denmark, like four years ago (1-1). Before beating Tunisia on the last day (3-0). Which opens the doors to the round of 16.

A France-Argentina disputed in the round of 16

As in 2018, the Blues find Argentina for their first match. And as in Russia, they win again with pain, after an indecisive match, this time concluded in extra time (2-1, ap). In the other eighth rounds, the United States beat the Netherlands (2-1), Denmark beat Poland (1-0), England dominated Senegal (2-0), Spain eliminated Canada (1-0), Brazil beat South Korea (2-0), Germany beat Morocco (3-1) and Portugal went on penalties to Switzerland (1-1, victory on the sheet).

The Blues released by Brazil

In the quarterfinals, the Blues face the United States. And Kylian Mbappé’s teammates won 2-0 to reach the quarterfinals of this World Cup. In other games, Brazil beat Spain in extra time (2-1, ap), Germany eliminated Portugal (2-1) and England sent Denmark home (2-0).

During their semifinal, the French team faces Brazil. For a new anthology match. But this time it was the Seleçao that won and reached the grand final (2-1). A way for the Brazilians to take revenge after 1998 and 2006. In the other match, England beat Germany on penalties (2-2, win on chips).

A sixth star for the Seleçao

Staunchly opposed to the beginning of a match for third place, the ESPN reporter who set and commented on these predictions did not include “the small final” between France and Germany. On the other hand, he designates Brazil as the future winner of the competition. In s’imposant 1-0 face à l’Angleterre, lors de la finale du 18 décembre à Lusail (Qatar), the Seleçao s’offre une sixième étoile et comforte son statut de nation la plus titrée dans l’histoire de la Coupe of the world.

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