Top Chef 2022: why did Lilian Douchet leave the competition?

This Wednesday, April 13, M6 broadcasts the ninth week of the Top Chef competition. From the first minutes, Stéphane Rotenberg announced the departure of Lilian Douchet. explanations.

amazing twist on The best chef. This Wednesday, April 13, M6 broadcasts the ninth week of its prestigious culinary competition. An episode marked by the great return of Adrien Cachot. Season 11 Iconic Candidate, the chef is promoted to guest jury. The eight candidates who are still in the race are surprised to discover that he has invented an essay in his image, that is to say, atypical (but that will not surprise the followers of the program): make a dish with viscera. But this is not the only surprise that the candidates took. could notice the absence of one of their own. However, qualified the week before, Lilian Douchet decided to draw a line in her adventure, as revealed stephane rotenberg at the beginning of the show. “For this ninth week of competition, in Paul Pairet’s purple brigade, Lilian had to stop the competition for personal reasons“, simply announces the host of M6. Meanwhile, the main interested party has He did not want to detail or express himself about the reasons for his hasty departure.

Against all odds, Paul Pairet’s team does not leave with one less candidate. Lilian Douchet was “replaced by the last outgoing, as provided in the standards“, he assures, for what it is Wilfried Romain who has the possibility of a second chance. great joy for the young man who was eliminated in one bite. Last week, Hélène Darroze faced a terrible last chance, as two of her three cooks came face to face. Worse yet, they only had one bite to convince their squad leader. After a difficult choice, Hélène Darroze had favored Louise’s performance over Wilfried’s, eliminating her as a result. Finally -and without a doubt he was the first to be surprised-, Wilfried has not said his last word. Lilian’s abandonment pays off for him. But will he make good use of it and manages to conquer the palace of chefs ? Answer during this episode.

Top Chef has already experienced abandonment

It’s not the first time The best chef experiences such a twist – even though the circumstances were very different. A candidate from the third edition – won by Jean Imbert – has decidedgive up the second episode. This is Mehdi Kebboul, who had still waited for the end of the episode before throwing the apron at him. There were then seven last chance candidates whose theme was the rabbit. At the end of the kitchen hour that was granted to the candidates, Ghislaine Arabian, Thierry Marx, Christian Constant and Jean-François Piège had decided to eliminate Florent Pietravalle. However, Mehdi Kebboul had been warned about the level of his achievement. Chopped to the core, he then decided to leave the competition.which allowed the recently eliminated to repeat the competition.

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