Why can’t the ThinkerView YouTube channel be accessed?

After influencer Michou’s YouTube channel ThinkerView, a discussion channel, was suspended. In question: hackers who managed to take control and publish content contrary to the rules of the platform.

When we go to the page ThinkerView Channel HomepageYouTube displays a 404 error message: This page is not available. We are sorry. try something else. “On April 12, 2022 at the beginning of the afternoon, the owners of the chain questioned Youtube from its official Twitter account, asking the firm to “ solve the problem quickly ». The YouTube team then took over the discussion in private conversation.

Why did ThinkerView’s channel disappear from YouTube?

What happened so that the channel, with almost a million subscribers, disappeared like this? It is indeed the same problem experienced by youtuber Michou two days before. Both channels were remotely hacked: one or more people managed to take control of them, then changed their profile picture and name to impersonate the Tesla company.

Under the name Tesla [live] The hackers then began streaming content that violated YouTube’s rules. A screenshot from a viewer shows that the ThinkerView channel uploaded a live video titled “ Tesla CEO Elon Musk will increase the value of cryptocurrencies ».

This is a well-known scam in the virtual world of cryptocurrencies, with very real consequences for those who fall for it. Internet users are encouraged to send bitcoins to hackers, who promise to send them a larger amount in the near future.

The most immediate solution available to YouTube is to immediately suspend any channel that broadcasts this type of scam. YouTuber Michou finally saw his restored channel on the night of April 12.

The ThinkerView channel when it was hacked, April 12, 2022. Source: Twitter/Mohifouk

YouTube has become aware of the suspension of the ThinkerView channel.

How do hackers take over YouTube channels?

YouTube channel hacks are not uncommon, although it is less common for large channels, with several hundred thousand subscribers, to fall victim. Numerama had investigated in 2021 about these hackers who catch videographers, most often through an initial partnership proposal email, to gain their trust. The person (or one of the channel administrators) simply clicks on a link sent in the email (a quote, a video game code) and the trap closes: the malware has been downloaded and installed on the device of the victim. .

Once control of the channel is taken, the malicious hackers remove the other admins from the page and become the sole owners so they can do whatever they want with it.

It is not certain that this method was the one used to get control of the ThinkerView string. This was pointed out by the official Twitter account of the channel when reacting to the publication of our article. Explain that it would not be, according to them, a phishingmore than “ attackers appear to have taken advantage of video editing software to bypass double authentication.»

Why Elon Musk is returning to these two recent crypto scam cases ? Because the billionaire, head of Tesla and SpaceX, is one of the best known figures involved in crypto for years. He’s also known for posting surprising, sometimes nonsensical tweets, so it’s easier to give him the benefit of the doubt when a weird post is attributed to him. The bitcoin scams that hijack your image they are for example legion on Twitter.

YouTube has implemented mandatory two-factor authentication for creators since November 2021. who monetize their content “. In case of piracy, a series of steps to follow are detailed on the official website of the Google subsidiary, as well as a another page that specifically refers to posting non-channel contentagainst the wishes of the administrators.

Article updated at 12pm with reaction from ThinkerView

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