Alessandro Belmondo dad for the first time: he explains his baby’s name very original

From her native Normandy, she aspired to a much more exciting life. Tired of butter, cider and cows, settling in Paris changed her life… Feeling closer and more connected to all her favorite stars that hardly anyone in her Normandy knows about… Aside from Amandine Petit of course, Miss Normandy and Miss France!

On April 10, 2022, the day after his illustrious grandfather’s birthday, Alessandro Belmondo became a father for the first time. Like his partner Méliné Ristiguian, the young chef explained the choice of his baby’s first name and its meaning.

The famous Belmondo clan grew up a few days ago. Vitaa is not the only one who welcomed a baby on April 10, 2022 (his third child, a little girl), Alessandro Belmondo also saw his life turned upside down that same day.

Grandson of Jean-Paul Belmondo, 30 years old, eldest son of Paul and Luana Belmondo, became the proud father of a child, fruit of his love for his partner Méliné Ristiguian. The couple was not the first to reveal the original name of your baby, leaving the first of this great announcement to the paternal grandparents of his son. In fact, on a cloud since the birth of her grandson, Paul and Luana Belmondo They have let it be known on Instagram that it is a little Vahé who fills them with joy. “I present Vahé Belmondo born on April 10, 2022“, to writing Paul Belmondo captioned with a photo of him holding the baby in his arms. Luana Belmondo posted the same photo, along with the following caption: “Vahé opens the fifth generation of the Belmondo family. Immense emotion.

The day after this big announcement, Alessandro Belmondo and his partner – who has been in a PACS since August 2020 – He said a little more about the origin of his little Vahé’s first name. “For name information: Vahe was an ancient Armenian king. He was in league with Darius III the king of Persia. King Vahé notably rebelled against Alexander the Great. He was known for his bravery and his sense of honor…the Armenians considered him a good king and a true fighter. that’s why since then many little boys proudly bear his name“, the two parents posted on Instagram, an explanation accompanied by a photo of their little king dozing, wearing a gray jumpsuit and with his birth bracelet still around his wrist.Our Vahé of love… Vahé djan?? (He Vahé dear) … gioia vita nostra ?? This 04/10/2022 you changed our lives forever, it depends on us that yours is as beautiful as possible… and in an Armenian-Italian family like ours, believe me you liked it! Prepare to be showered with love!”adds Alessandro Belmondo and his half in this sweet message.

Vahé was born the day after his famous great-grandfather’s 89th birthday. On April 9, 2022, from many clan members had posted messages on this occasionNot Alexander. “You would have been a year older and proud to suddenly be a great-grandfather for the first time… I love you“, the chef had written in the caption of a family photo that showed him as a child, eating ice cream with his beloved grandfather and his father.

Died in September 2021, Jean-Paul Belmondo had not had time to know that he was going to be a great-grandfather for the first time. “As a precaution, we respect the famous three-month rule, he confesses. My grandfather was already in too poor health to talk to him in person. After his disappearance, I went to meditate on his deathbed and there I told him that he was going to be a great-grandfather. I know he is very proud of us.” explained Alessandro Belmondo during an interview with last January.

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