Atlanta and NOLA are still in the race, Pop and the Spurs on vacation

The results of the night in the NBA

Hornets @ falcons : 103-132
spurs @ pelicans : 103-113

Still no surprises in the play-in tournament. After the victories of both teams at home yesterday -Minnesota and Brooklyn-, the logic was respected again and the home factor played its role tonight.

brings young and the Hawks weren’t fazed by Charlotte. The Hornets held half before taking the broth. After a slow start, Young dedicated the second (24 points, 11 assists) to supporting the effort of De’Andre Hunter (24 pts), excellent after returning from the locker room.

LaMelo Ball (26 pts, 8 wt) did his best but lacked skill (7/25). Charlotte sees her season end like the previous one, after a direct elimination during the play-in. A situation that has not been well experienced bridges of miles, sent off at the end of the game and the author of a humorous gesture towards a Hawks fan as he left the field. The Hornets’ winger’s mouth guard flew in the direction of a young fan sitting a few seats away. Bridges, who could sign a maximum contract this summer, promised to find the viewer to apologize to her.

In the next round, therefore, Atlanta will move to Cleveland in one fell swoop to try to qualify as eighth to face the Miami Heat.

– Zion Williamson has to tell himself that there are still good things to come for these Pelicans and that his return next season is worth it. The Pelicans beat the Spurs at home under the watch of their young star, on the way back and fit enough to make some warm-up dunks. So far, New Orleans hasn’t needed him. CJ McCollum (32 pts, 7 wt at 12/23) is the boss of this group and we saw him again last night, with a solid and efficient performance, to train his teammates, Brandon Ingram (27 pts) in the lead, in his wake.

NOLA consistently ran in the lead, with the only downside being a late-game slack that gave San Antonio and their sharpshooter hope. Devin Vassell (23 pts at 7/13).

Gregg Popovich is on vacation and the Pelicans will play out the rest of the play-in with a trip to the Clippers’ home court. One more small win and the Pelicans will definitely be headed in the right direction after experiencing an apocalyptic start to the season.

The last two games of the NBA play-in tournament

Falcons @ Cavs
Pelicans @ Clippers

Miles Bridges breaks down and swings his mouthguard on a teen

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