“Barefoot in the middle of the street”: the chilling revelations of Yves Rénier’s widow on the night of his death

A few days after the first anniversary of the death of actor Yves Rénier, his widow Karin confided in the last night she spent with her husband, before he died of a heart attack.

On April 24, 2022, it will be one year since the actor Yves Renier died after a heart attack at the age of 78. A few days before this sad anniversary, his widow Karin gave an interview to Gala, on sale Thursday, April 14. In the magazine columns Karin Rénier recounted the last night she spent with her loverbefore suffering a heart attack that cost him his life.

Not without pain, the mother of Jules and Oscar recalled her last evening in the presence of Yves Rénier, in his apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine): I was coming home from dinner with a friend and found him in the bathroom.she remembered. “I even did something that I never imagined doing one day, tonight from April 23 to 24, I spent it with him. Our last night.”

Karin Rénier on her little son Oscar: “He is the one who took everything in hand”

Stunned by this macabre discovery, Karin Rénier claims not to have been able to have the slightest reaction : “When I screamed, Oscar, my youngest son that he was at home – Jules was in Biarritz – he understood immediately. He was the one who took everything in hand. He called Samu, began to give him heart massage, mouth to mouthhe remembered painfully.

the widow ofYves Rénier, who had mentioned his state of health in a last interviewShe said she was baffled by the death. Unprecedented situation for the mother, who claims to have found “barefoot, in the middle of the street”. in the magazine GalaKarin Rénier describes the thoughts that accompanied this trauma: I told myself: ‘That’s not my life, I’m not here, that’s not happening’. It is as if a truck rushed towards me without me being able to free myself… That is, I was hit in the face by a truck.”he confessed in the interview.

Karine Rénier: “She didn’t want us to change her pillowcase”

Faced with the brutality of this disappearance, Karin Rénier says she couldn’t get rid of her husband’s belongings : “I still have her entire dresser. She didn’t want her pillowcase changed. Every once in a while, I lay my head on it and take a breath.”, she said. aboutYves Renier father of five children.

As for his apartment in Neuilly, he did a refuge in which he withdraws when his morale is at its lowest pointyes: “When I’m not well, I come back here, I come home. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to see Yves leave his office…he confided in me with great emotion.

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