“Bayona and Oyonnax are Victims of the Surprise Guest”

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Bayonne (2nd, 86 points): goes to Montauban (this Thursday), receives Vannes (April 21), goes to Carcassonne (May 6), receives Rouen (May 13).
Oyonnax (3e, 84 points) : receives Agen (this Friday), goes to Narbonne (April 22), receives Provence (May 6), goes to Aurillac (May 13).

one Laussucq: “Oyo can do four out of four”

“Given his schedule, Oyonnax can do four out of four. I don’t see Narbonne beating Oyo, not even Aurillac who won’t play anything on the last day. Opposite, they will only be teams with a soft stomach, with “bean leg” games, as usually happens at the end of the season. So if I have to give my prediction, I say Oyo in second position. For Bayonne, the oppositions are more complicated, with teams that still play something, such as Montauban and Carcassonne. »

Christophe Laussucq.

Christophe Laussucq.


“This season, Pro D2 is serious business. What Mont-de-Marsan is doing is exceptional, as are the other two contenders. Bayonnais was shot after their defeat at home against Montois (14-33, November 5). The quality of their game has been criticized but we must not forget that they are very solid in the impact and in the conquest. The public is not always very happy, because the game that is played is not super fun, but Bayonne is serious! Oyonnax is perhaps more complete, but Bayona is denser. »

“In the middle it would be very difficult for Bayona in Oyo, and almost an impossible mission for Oyonnax in Bayona”

“The problem is that they are both a bit of a surprise guest victim this year. They could easily have finished first and second without the exceptional season at Mont-de-Marsan. This is why we must rent the course from all three teams. When I coached Mont-de, a season with 80 points was a very good season. There, all three can be more than 100 points! The terrible and unfair thing about this formula is that Mont-de will play their season in a final or a play-off against Perpignan, while this team deserves to go up. I don’t see Mont-de losing their half at home, but in the final Bayonne or Oyonnax are quite capable of winning. »

“These two teams run the risk of meeting in a most uncertain semi-final. For whoever finishes third, there will be an extra tiebreaker, but that shouldn’t be the biggest concern. Instead, then, we will have to go to the second. And it won’t be a gift! It would be very difficult for Bayonne in Oyo, and almost mission impossible for Oyonnax in Bayonne. Players like Toeava or Ruru, who will return, can weigh in at this level. Bayona has the experience, he’s been back almost every time, unlike Oyonnax who has been vegetating in Pro D2 for a while (since 2018). They are two strong teams but rowing has an advantage over maturity. »

Jerome Thion.

Jerome Thion.

Jean-Daniel Chopin

two Thion: “In Montauban and Carcassonne, two developers”

“If I’m not particularly worried about the two receptions by Bayonne (Vannes and Rouen), which should end with an offensive plus, the two trips to Montauban and Carcassonne are more complicated. Hence the advantage for Oyonnax ahead of the calendar. Despite everything, rowing takes on another dimension at the end of the season, against Oyonnax, who recently lost to all the big teams: Colomiers (29-17), Mont-de-Marsan (27-20), Montauban (30- 24) and Bayonne, precisely (52-21). Even during his last good game in Béziers, Oyo missed the mark (10-10). And if we look at the recent reception of Bourg-en-Bresse (31-21), there is a victory of ten points but with less than ideal content. »

“Oyonnax has the advantage given the calendar […] but Bayona offers better content and has a denser workforce”

“Going higher, I find that Bayonne offers better content and has a denser workforce, with a large bank. The group comes out of a last trip with a disappointing result, in Mont-de-Marsan (15-13), where they could have won if they hadn’t failed tactically, especially in the first half. kicking It was a tense match, with only one try. A final match. But this team is taking another dimension. For me, she will have a huge advantage in elimination matches, even if receiving is a real advantage. It’s a big difference between two teams at about the same level. Even more so in Bayonne, with the support of the public. »

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