Deal Done – “There You Go, We’re Entitled!”, “Stop”, “Shut Her Up”: Little “Animation” Of The Day Irritates Netizens

Screenshot of France 2 live / Deal done

Screenshot of France 2 live / Deal done

A Belgian star in the matter concluded! This Thursday, April 14, 2022, Claudia Sylva came to sell a vase that made a strong impression on buyers. The singer took the opportunity to perform her most famous hit… A sequence that irritated Internet users angry at the small “animations” offered by the show.

Even aside from the celebrity specials that sometimes air on primetimethe studies ofDone deal Don’t just attract complete strangers. This Thursday, April 14, 2022, sophie in front went backstage to welcome a certain Sylva, belgian artist 75 years If his name does not evoke much in France, he is famous in the “flat country” where he has officiated as a singer for 65 years. While Sylva said that she has appeared on stages all over the world, she has also shown intimidated in front of the facilitator. Enough to arouse the questioning of the twittos… Not one or two, the most curious of them immediately went to search for information on the Internet. They discovered that the full name of the artist was Claudia Sylva and that her most famous hit was titled “I cried”.

Minutes later, the septuagenarian star entered the examination room with her object: a beautiful Art Nouveau Daum vase that her mother had made for her. Present in 1975. A small object with spring decorations that the auctioneer liked very much: judging it “beautiful, poetic, with a striking yellow side and interesting in shape”, he estimated it at 700 euros. A small disappointment for Sylva who expected 1000. On Twitter, the unbeatable Affair concluded that she expected something very different for them: that no one ask the singer to play her tube.

Arriving in front of the buyers of the show, Claudia’s personality and career did not cease to amaze. “What is her passion in life, her job, her hobby?” asked buyer Johan Ledoux. “My job is to sing and compose for 65 years, I just celebrated my 75th birthday and my 55th career […] And I still sing a lot”, he answered before the admiring glances of Caroline Pons, Diane Chatelet or even Djamel Bentenah. Curious, Johan wanted to know what was the emblematic song of his repertoire. It was enough to push Claudia to sing. her hit “I cried”, to the annoyance of Internet users who commented on the passage on twitter.

The buyers themselves were more enthusiastic: in addition to applauding the saleswoman’s performance, they took their curiosity a step further. Caroline Pons wanted to know if Claudia had already been brought to sing somewhere other than Belgium. “I was number 1 in Africa, I sang in China, in Morocco, I sang with Annie Cordy, all the biggest at that time…”, she specified later, impressing her audience. Her vase also made a strong impression: Caroline Pons bought it for 1,000 euros, the price precisely desired by the singer.

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