Emma Smet in a relationship with Kylian Mbappé? The young woman emerges from the silence

During an interview, Emma Smet repeatedly mentioned her private life, thus answering the question about a possible romantic relationship with French footballer Kylian Mbappé.

Emma Smet is determined not to let others into her private life. During’a recent interview with paris party, the owner’s granddaughter confided her career plans. She is also known for her recurring role in the series. tomorrow belongs to usThe young woman claims to be in the middle of writing two scripts that she wants to direct.

Then comes the point alleged couple with Kylian Mbappé, which appeared after the publication of a photo of the two young people, when they were traveling. While the journalists of Parisian asked if they are finally just friends, Emma Smet replied “Sure”. Y the relationship between the young actress and the French footballer is already in a relationship they are just friendlyStill, Johnny Hallyday’s granddaughter wanted to make a very clear point about her privacy: “I say it and repeat it: I don’t have to justify myself about the people I photograph myself with“, he stated firmly.

Emma Smet: “I want to keep my private life to myself”

This answer firm enough to put an end to the rumor. not the first in the magazine columns Both of us, Emma Smet had responded in her own wayevoking the photo that started this rumor “If I start commenting on all the photos they take of me, it will be hard for me to get out of there”she was outraged.

the journalists of paris party they found themselves up against a wall when trying to find out more about Emma Smet’s love life. The young woman claims to have “observed” and “learned well” from the media exposure of her relatives: “I want to keep my private life to myself”she answered in the magazine.

Emma Smet: “I understood without being explained what to do (…) to maintain a private life”

In a previous interview for Both of us, Emma Smet had relied more extensively on her report to media exposure. and her status as “daughter of”. The young actress claims to have talked about it with her parents Estelle Lefébure and David Hallyday: “We were told that some people would indulge in unconstructive criticism just because they don’t like our name, or for whatever reason.”she started.

If her parents didn’t take the time to explain things to her in depth, Emma Smet says she didn’t need it: “I like it I experienced things with them, I understood without anyone explaining to me what to do and what not to do. to keep your privacy as simple as possible”she said.

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