PS5: towards an acquisition of… Kojima Productions (Death Stranding)?

business news PS5: towards an acquisition of… Kojima Productions (Death Stranding)?

This is the news that sparks curiosity first thing in the morning: Is Sony about to take over Hideo Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions? Officially there is nothing confirmed, but an index seen on the web casts doubt…

When Death Stranding joins the band

Sony is hungry, it’s no secret, and its family of video games should grow even bigger in 2022. Since the last acquisitions, many have been trying a little game: guess which developers or publishers could be acquired… and more than once, Kojima Productions was cited. It must be said that its iconic director Hideo Kojima has always had a very good relationship with PlayStation, to the point of making death stranding temporary exclusivity.

And it’s good death stranding what sows confusion today: on the official site of PlayStation Studios, Sony has just done An update to its splash banner to add famed adventure game hero Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) is then joined by Ratchet, Kratos, Ellie, Aloy, and a host of PS4 and PS5 stars.

As these come ONLY from Sony-owned studios, many wonder if the addition of death stranding It couldn’t mean the imminent announcement of the Kojima Productions takeover bid. Coincidence or not, Japanese designers have just moved out of their facility without really explaining why and how.

Are you bragging, Martoni?

PS5: towards an acquisition of… Kojima Productions (Death Stranding)?

If it is true that it can be confusing and that the acquisition of Kojima Productions would make sense (especially considering that Hideo Kojima and Sony have a very strong common history), it could also simply be that this banner does not mean anything concrete. After all, despite the studio’s independence, death stranding it is a game partially published by Sony that has always proposed it and the latter may simply want to show it among its exclusives.

We should also not forget the many rumors of a partnership with Microsoft for Hideo Kojima: last year he told himself thata deal with Xbox was almost closed for a new game. Hallway noises should be taken with a grain of salt, of course.

One thing is for sure, it is that Sony wants to deliberately expand the PlayStation Studios group and 2022 will see the arrival of new members again. The last to arrive are as a reminder Bungie (Destination) or Haven Studios, founded and directed by Jade Raymond (assassin’s Creed). An internal document also mentioned the considerable budget allocated to the acquisition of companies in the coming years, something that we detail for you to this address.

PS5: towards an acquisition of… Kojima Productions (Death Stranding)? PS5: towards an acquisition of… Kojima Productions (Death Stranding)?

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