REPORTAGE. Lot: in Espère, the astonishment the day after the death of the mayor suspected of child pornography

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Implicated as a result of the complaint of a young man, the mayor had to answer for the facts before the Justice. He ended his life on Tuesday night. Since then, the town has turned around.

A nightmare… The word is not too strong to describe the brutal awakening this Thursday morning in the village of Espère. Between incomprehension, sadness, anger and denial, feelings are disputed in the town where everyone met Mathieu Redoulès.

His tragic disappearance on Tuesday night, when “he was the subject of criminal proceedings for the crime of disseminating a violent, pornographic or unworthy message accessible to a minor,” according to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in a statement, is of concern. The mayor of the municipalityEditor’s Note: Presumed innocent until a court decision pronounces a conviction), was “summoned on July 1 before the judicial court. Indeed, he had to appear “in the framework of an appearance procedure on prior acknowledgment of guilt”, for acts against a minor under 13 years of age, as specified in the communication sent by the Cahors prosecutor’s office to the media The chosen Lotois ended his life on Tuesday night.

In shock, the townspeople struggle to believe this whole story.

In shock, the townspeople struggle to believe this whole story.

A nice man, friendly, kind and above all very committed to his people.

Leaving school, on the street, in front of the stores, everyone showed restraint, like this grandmother, who lives in the town. “I am sad and disappointed. I can’t believe it, for me it’s not possible. I know their relatives and of course I am thinking of them.” Like others in the town, she met him very young. Because Mathieu Redoulès was appreciated. And some, others describe: a nice, friendly, kind man and above all very committed to his town where he had been deputy mayor for many years, before being elected mayor in 2020, mobilizing 37.12% of the electorate on his list unique, but with an abstention of 57.78%.

Hardly any elected Lotois have officially paid tribute to the mayor of Wait, who tragically died.

Hardly any elected Lotois have officially paid tribute to the mayor of Wait, who tragically died.

Flowers and a candle were placed in front of the Espère town hall. “We didn’t know anything. I will not say anything. He is very sad at the moment because he was someone invested in his mandate, listening to the municipal agents about him. he is accused, I am lost. All this is very complicated”, relativized this forty-year-old.

During the 10 years they have lived in the town, they have had many opportunities to meet him. For this mother and her family still in shock, it is a misunderstanding. “Like we don’t know people that well,” she blurted out. No one would have imagined it. My heart aches for the young victim, I put myself in her mother’s shoes as well. If we had touched my children, my reaction would have been. they have been terrible, ”she assures, hoping that there will be no other young victims.

Until then, Espère was a very quiet town.

Until then, Espère was a very quiet town.
DDM photo.

For this young woman who knew him well, there was no doubt about the integrity of this man. “A thing like this never crossed our minds. We saw him at parties, at football, there were children. I wouldn’t have bet a coin on all these accusations. Although, some said that he was a pervert. He confessed, in the end it is good that there is something. Since then, people have been horrified,” she noted.

Midday resounded from the bell tower of the church of Espère. In the playground, the children play. Carefree. Adults are torn between two stories, not knowing who or what to believe, like in a very bad dream when reality and fiction mix.

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Silence from all elected officials, following disclosure of this matter.

Deputy mayor, then first magistrate of his municipality after the last municipal elections of 2020, Mathieu Redoulès also sat as a community delegate in the urban community of Grand Cahors.

Since his tragic disappearance on Tuesday night, only Serge Rigal and Amélie Vacossin have communicated to pay tribute to the chosen one. Sober communication as is customary in an institution like Lot’s departmental council when an elected official disappears. And this, long before they themselves were informed of the suspicions that weigh on the man against a minor, for which the mayor is presumed innocent, and will never be tried. His death definitively extinguishes the ongoing public action.

“It is with deep emotion that we learn of the death of Mathieu Rédoulès, Mayor of Espère and committed to the region for many years. We join the pain of his family and the pain of his loved ones to send him our most sincere condolences. and assuring you of our warmest thoughts in these dramatic circumstances,” said Serge Rigal President of the Department of Lots and Amélie Vacossin, departmental councilor of the canton of Causse and Bouriane. Since then, in addition to condolences to their loved ones, both have expressed deep sadness for the affected families.

It should also be noted that Rémi Branco had Mathieu Redoulès in his campaign group for the legislative elections.

Finally, the editorial office of La Dépêche du Midi contacted by phone and message the elected officials of the municipal council of Espère who did not respond to our requests.

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