the “Moskva”, flagship of the Russian fleet, sank
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  • You cruise Moscowflagship of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea, damaged during the offensive against Ukraine, has sunk, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Thursday night. “When towing the cruiser Moscow towards the port of destination, the ship lost stability due to the damage suffered in the hull by the fire after the detonation of the ammunition. In rough sea conditions, the ship sank.”the ministry said, quoted by the state agency TASS.
  • A resumption of evacuation of civilians through nine humanitarian corridorsincluding from the besieged city of Mariupol, it was announced by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk on Telegram on Thursday.
  • United States announces $800 million in new military aid including 18 M777 howitzers, state-of-the-art artillery pieces, 300 Switchblade drones, 500 Javelin missiles and “thousands of other anti-tank systems”. Until now, the United States had been reluctant to deliver the heavy equipment requested by the Ukrainians, for fear of stoking tensions between Washington and Moscow.
  • At the same time, Washington defended the use of the term “genocide” to talk President Joe Biden to name Russian operations in Ukraine. “I think that once we can get all the evidence together, we will eventually come to the same conclusion as President Biden, because what is happening on the ground is not an accident.”number three in US diplomacy, Victoria Nuland, declared on the CNN channel.
  • Ukraine refutes the fall of the city of Mariupol. More than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered to Russian forces in the city of Mariupol, a strategic port on the Sea of ​​Azov, which has been under siege for weeks, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. But Oleksiy Arestovych, adviser to the Ukrainian president, he said on facebook that a hundred soldiers, members of naval units, had made a breakthrough and joined azov regiment. He added that the city of Mariupol was not completely under the control of Russian troops. This information could not be verified.
  • The head of Irish diplomacy, Simon Coveney, travels to kyiv on Thursdayannounced his services, to discuss “how Ireland can continue to provide political, security and humanitarian support to Ukraine”.

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