the singer dejected by the death of a member of her family

As he was about to go on stage, Chimène Badi learns of a tragedy. Unable to contain her pain, she tells her subscribers everything!

Chimene Badi is heartbroken!

Twenty years already! Since Valery Zietoun discovered it in pop stars, Chimène Badi has won his bet. Certainly, at first, she seemed disappointed not to participate in the L5 adventure. It is clear that her name and her voice have won the favor of the public. his first hit Among us beat Records. Self-conscious, we witness its rebirth. Goodbye to overweight… Hello to the change of cut and color, quality clothes… We hardly recognize it anymore. However, it is enough to close your eyes to feel spellbound. It’s obvious, his concert tickets are going like hotcakes. A few seconds after a tour announcement, it’s the rush. Once in the stands, we are interested in not missing a single crumb of the show!

Only one thing is missing…

In a few months, Chimène Badi will celebrate its forty years. The one who refuses to have children has spoken a lot in the press. As proof, during this interview with our friends from Gale, she justifies choosing him in this way. wait dear readerObjeko sensitive, may crash. ” I feel unable to raise a child in today’s society. I think I would worry so much that it would prevent him from living, that I would suffocate him. For his part, his fans respect him, but they mourn in silence. How they regret not having had the opportunity to discover her in this magnificent role. In the last hours, the singer entrusted her scare to them. Again, there is a certain sensitivity. By all means, she tries to hide it behind her microphone. But this time, it’s too much for her frail shoulders.

This magnificent dove of peace and this three-word caption are enough to spread panic on the web. ” Good trip, Maminette. ” At the speed of light, chimney Badi receives a shower of love. Between two fits of tears, she reads the comments. How rare are the people who manage to detect a smile through our tears!

Chimène Badi, never without its support committee

Screenshot (c) Instagram (c) chimeneofficiel

Two days after the tragedy, Chimène Badi takes out his best pen to thank those present at the funeral. On behalf of her family (father, uncle and aunts), she would like to express her gratitude. Also, for those who don’t know, he announces that a big meal will be organized in memory of his beloved grandmother. East “couscous for tsedakah” it is highly symbolic! Taking care to quote her two best friends of hers, the singer does not have enough adjectives to sum up her feelings towards her ” two Princess“. Without them, she doesn’t seem to see much. This support for her in all circumstances it was so precious to him. Finally, he has a final word for his followers. She will never forget this firing.

Screenshot (c) The Secret Box (c) France 3

At Objeko, we are surprised that his beloved Julien is not mentioned. It must be said that he is so discreet that even the record from the secret box, we thought that Chimène Badi was in a relationship with the invisible man. By agreeing to share it with her audience, she prefers to remain in her shadow as she lights up his journey. If she had to summarize what brings her, she would let it go that this love story made her mature. ” I became a woman, thanks to him. Today I feel comfortable with my c*rps, I no longer avoid the mirror. As I am mentally well, I no longer need to diet, it is as if something has been unlocked.« .

And now ?

For the one who always hid behind clothes ten times too big for her, it’s a revolution. Provided hard ! Meanwhile, the writing ofObjeko sends him benevolence boxes. Losing someone is never easy. Hopefully, it wasn’t too harsh and she was able to say goodbye to him. This step is essential to meet the duel of him. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you for a song. Continue in the next issue!

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