Visions du Réel announces its industry awards and impressive attendance record

– The awards went to projects from Switzerland, France, Argentina, Belgium, Estonia, South Africa, the United States, Colombia, Brazil, Syria and India

anatomy of the night by Lionel Baier, which won the VdR-Pitching Award

The industry awards of the 2022 edition of Visions of the Real were announced last night, and the outgoing head of Industry, madeline robertowas enthusiastic about the record edition, which had 2,100 accredited professionals from more than 80 countries, 27% more than last year.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed by the historical success of this edition. And considering that in 2019, the last edition of VdR-Industry before the global pandemic, we counted just over 1,400 accredited participants from 64 countries, the signs are even more encouraging,” he said.

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In the VdR Pitching section, which featured a jury made up of the Israeli filmmaker Avi Mograbihead of the Berlinale Carlo Chatrian and Franco-Chinese producer isabel glachantthe main prize of CHF 5,000 (€4,900) went to Lionel Baier‘s anatomy of the night (Switzerland/France).

Argentine director Maria Silvia Esteve received the €5,000 Party Film Sales Award and the TËNK Post-Production Award for INCOMING MAIL, while his compatriot manuel abramovich won the HEAD-Genève post-production award for The monsters, a co-production with Germany. The RTS prize, consisting of an advance purchase, was shared between Jerome the mayor‘s NOOR (Belgium/France) and Margit Lillak‘s become a rose (Estonia).

The Unifrance Doc Award (which includes the production of subtitles and a unifrance membership) went to Diana Sara Bouzgarrou Y Thomas Jenkoe‘s the life of a dog (France), while the Cannes Docs Award, consisting of two accreditations for the Film Marketwas handed over to the South African director Teboho Adkins for Karatara – “Place of Deep Shadows”.

american director Casey Carter received the DOK Leipzig Award (two accreditations and accommodation for the director and producer at the DOK Festival Leipzigand observer access to the DOK Co-Pro Market) for to use a mountainwhile two market badges for the EFM and a consultation session went to Valerio Jalongo for wider than the sky (Switzerland/Italy).

Finally, the DAE Stimulus Award, consisting of two memberships and four consultations within the European Documentary Association network, was delivered to Brazil Tali Yankelevich for Girl-Tubers.

In the Work in Progress section, VdR-Industry’s highest prize was awarded, the Visions Sud Est Award, endowed with CHF 10,000 (€9,800), for the best project in Africa, Latin America, Asia or Eastern Europe (excluding EU members). on cinnamon kings Y Sebastian Pinzon Silva for The Bonga (Colombia/United States). The project also received the Raggioverde Subtitling Award.

The VdR-Work in Progress award, endowed with 3,000 Swiss francs (2,940 euros), went to the French Armel Hostiou for the other profilewhile the Lightdox Prize, for the same amount, went to the Spanish filmmaker Lina for 5 stations of revolution (Syria/Germany/Norway/Netherlands/Qatar). Finally, Sarvnik Kaur‘s Against the tide (India/France) won the Freestudios award (which implies the creation of a DCP package).

Here is the full list of VdR-Industry award winners:


VdR-Pitching Award
anatomy of the night – Lionel Baier (Switzerland/France)
Producer: Agnieszka Ramu (Band Apart Movies)

The Party Film Sales Award
INCOMING MAIL – Maria Silvia Esteve (Argentina)
Production: Laura Mara Tablón (Rita Cine)

RTS Award (Equally)
NOOR – Jérôme the Elder (Belgium/France)
Producer: Isabelle Truc (IOTA Production), Enrica Capra (day movie)

become a rose -Margit Lillak (Estonia)
Production: Margit Lillak, Carolina Veetamm (Tiny Desk Productions)

HEAD–Geneva Post-Production Award
The monsters – Manuel Abramovich (Argentina/Germany)
Production: Juan Pablo Labonia, Manuel Abramovich (Noise)

Postproduction TËNK Award
INCOMING MAIL – Maria Silvia Esteve

Unifrance Doc Award
the life of a dog – Diane Sara Bouzgarrou, Thomas Jenkoe (France)
Production: Jean-Laurent Csinidis (Force majeure movies)

Cannes Docs Award
Karatara – “Place of Deep Shadows” – Teboho Edkins (South Africa)
Production: Don Edkins (Day Zero Films)

DOK Leipzig Prize
to use a mountain -Casey Carter (USA)
Producer: Colleen Casingham (To Use a Mountain LLC)

EFM Award
wider than the sky – Valerio Jalongo (Switzerland/Italy)
Producer: Milena Stokaraura movie)

DAE Stimulus Award
Girl-Tubers – Tali Yankelevich (Brazil)
Production: Leonardo Mecchi (Frame Productions)

VdR-Work in progress

VdR-Work in Construction Award
the other profile – Armel Hostiou (France)
Producer: Jasmina Sijercic (Bocalupo Movies)

lightdox award
5 stations of revolution – Lina (Syria/Germany/Norway/Netherlands/Qatar)
Production: Diana El Jeiroudi (No Nation Films GmbH), Torstein Grude (piraya cinema)

Raggioverde Subtitled Award
The Bonga – Canela Reyes, Sebastian Pinzon Silva (Colombia/USA)
Production: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo (La Bonga)

Free Studios Award
Against the tide – Sarvnik Kaur (India/France)
Production: Koval Bhatia (A Little Anarky Films), Sarvnik Kaur (Snooker Club Films Pvt Ltd), Quentin Laurent (wild eyed movies)

opening scenes

TËNK Award
the empty sphere – Stéphanie Roland (France/Micronesia/Belgium)
Production: Natalia Trebik (Le Fresnoy – National Contemporary Art Studio)

Docs Up Award
tea and time -Salah El-Amri
Production: Gabriela Bussmann, Yan Decoppet (GoldenEggProduction, HEAD – Geneva)

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