Winners Lucas and Nicolás 2022, summary of the final

PEKIN EXPRESS 2022. Belgian brothers Lucas and Nicolas are the winners of Beijing Express. They won €100,000 in the final broadcast of M6 on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

00:00 – Will there be a season 16 of Beijing Express?

END OF LIVE. Beijing Express will soon be back on the M6. In fact, a 2023 season is in the works, as the production is currently collecting requests from the public on the site. A season of All Stars is also being filmed, with Inès Reg, Valérie Trierweiler and Yoann Riou, for example. For now, we don’t know the date of Beijing Express season 16 yet. If we are to believe the usual M6 schedule, it should air in the first quarter of 2023, between the months of February and next April. But no release date has been announced yet.

04/14/22 – 23:50 – Internet users delighted with the victory of Lucas and Nicolás

Lucas and Nicolás were the favorites of netizens during this final of the Beijing Express. For this reason, they did not hide their joy when they discovered that the Belgian brother and sister won this season 15: “I am so happy for them, they deserve it so much, they have been up since the beginning of the competition!”, can. we read on Twitter, while a spectator comments “the most deserving team sportingly and humanly won!”. in the social network of the blue bird.

04/14/22 – 11:40 PM – What will Lucas and Nicolás spend the 100,000 euros on?

By winning Beijing Express, Lucas and Nicolás won 100,000 euros. After the final, the Belgian brothers revealed how they plan to spend the large sum of money. Lucas confided in her that he wanted to pay his fiancée a luxurious wedding, while Nicolás hopes to pamper his wife and children.

04/14/22 – 23:35 – Jérémy and Fanny’s reaction after their defeat

Jérémy and Fanny arrived a few minutes after Lucas and Nicolás, noticing that they had arrived in second position. The couple congratulates the two winners on their arrival. Fanny, in tears, laments in front of the M6 ​​cameras “I wanted to show everyone that we were capable of succeeding, but we didn’t.” On the contrary, Jérémy believes that “they” made it. We were lucky to do the adventure from A to Z, from the first mission to the last.”

04/14/22 – 23:30 – Lucas and Nicolás win the Beijing Express!

The suspense is over! Lucas and Nicolás are the winners of this season 15 of Beijing Express. As well as winning the entire pot (€100,000), they finished the final sprint just a few minutes ahead of Jérémy and Fanny, bursting into tears at the sight of their victory.

04/14/22 – 23:15 – Internet users fear that the Belgian brothers could lose the final

Lucas and Nicolás are the favorites of Internet users. C’est pourquoi le retard qu’ils prennent lors du final sprint inquiète les téléspectateurs sur le réseau social Twitter : “J’espère qu’il y aura pas de revirement de situation pour les belges”, peut-on lire sur le site de the blue bird “I don’t feel sorry for the brothers”, also releases a user. On the other hand, the defeat of the Brothers is unthinkable: “If the Belgians don’t win, I don’t understand, they have fought so hard for more than a month, they deserve victory!” Everything will be played in a trip of 10 kilometers…

04/14/22 – 23:10 – The Belgians in trouble, will it cost them victory?

For their part, Lucas and Nicolás enjoy a comfortable lead. However, they will quickly lose it when they get into a car, without checking for certain that its driver is ready to take them to their destination. The latter was on the phone with her husband, who refuses to let her take strangers. Therefore, the Belgian brothers are dropped off in a place with less traffic, causing them to lose the lead. Afterwards, they have great difficulty finding a car to take them to Stéphane Rotenberg. For their part, Jérémy and Fanny are making a spectacular comeback…

04/14/22 – 23:03 – Will Fanny and Jeremy’s mistake be decisive?

During the final sprint, the pairs must answer questions about their adventure in the last few weeks. During the premiere, Fanny, convinced that they don’t know the answer, gives a random answer… But Jérémy was going to give the correct answer at the same time! The couple argues, and above all they lose three precious minutes… “I’m very angry there, Jérémy comments, these three minutes, we shouldn’t have wasted them”.

04/14/22 – 22:58 – Fanny creaks at the start of the final sprint

The final sprint has begun! Everything will be fine now. If the Belgian brothers, as usual, only take a few minutes to leave, this is not the case with Jérémy and Fanny. No car stops to pick them up. Fanny breaks down and explodes: “What is this fucking exit? Stop pushing me! It’s bothering me! Not a single car stops.”

04/14/22 – 22:49 – Jérémy and Fanny lose their entire kitty

Hard blow for Jérémy and Fanny. Lost in traffic, the two candidates have to change cars and ask a French woman for directions. Unfortunately, this is no longer of any use: your kitty is completely empty. Therefore, Lucas and Nicolás can win 100,000 euros if they finish first in the final sprint.

04/14/22 – 22:39 – Fanny and Jeremy in trouble

Fanny and Jérémy, without knowing it, took a long time to design the puzzle of the third intermediate sprint. They find themselves stuck in traffic after a French woman hitchhikes them.

04/14/22 – 22:35 – Will the Belgian brothers lose the lead?

While Lucas and Nicolás from Beijing Express are ahead of the third intermediate sprint, having successfully completed the test puzzle in a very short time. However, his driver pulls up in a hotel parking lot. Enough to scare the candidates, who have no idea of ​​the advantage they have over their opponent! Will they lose their advance and therefore their money?

04/14/22 – 22:30 – Fanny and Jérémy react to criticism

In the Télé-Loisirs columns, Fanny and Jérémy complained about the way viewers see and criticize their run in the Petra game, we are shown only as haters, bad players. People don’t understand that you can do these things in life. Petra, people don’t understand that this step was so important for me personally in relation to my grandfather, my family… Nicolás knew it but it doesn’t matter. That’s why the hot interviews, we have the right to split a little, “says Fanny. Adds Jérémy: “We’re human, but because we’re stuck with labels like who we are, we’re the happy couple who dreams and, well, the happy couple has no right to be angry. For viewers anyway.”

04/14/22 – 22:20 – Internet users value the fair play of the Belgian brothers

In social networks, the preference for Lucas and Nicolás is clearly marked. The Peking Express spectators especially appreciate that the Belgian brothers accept their defeat and greet their opponents’ victory at the end of the second intermediate sprint. “The difference in mentality between the two pairs, I am ashamed to be French when I see that”, can be read on the social network. Another user exclaims: “The brothers are humble”, “Even if they lose they are better Belgians, sorry for the angry couple”, it is also written.

04/14/22 – 22:15 – Jérémy and Fanny finish first in the 2nd intermediate sprint, where are the scores?

While Lucas has great difficulty piloting his drone without hitting one of the obstacles, the test is much easier for Jérémy, who is used to the exercise. The dream couple finish the event quickly, allowing them to get ahead of their opponents. But not as much as they might have hoped: at the end of this intermediate sprint, the Belgian brothers lost 2,050 euros. Their kitten is now set at 83,010 euros, while Fanny and Jérémy’s is 16,990 euros.


Beijing Express is an adventure game broadcast since 2006 on M6. This TV show, hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg, sees couples travel abroad every year. The objective: survive thanks to the inhabitant and go through different scenarios of the country, rubbing shoulders with events that allow them to qualify for the rest of the competition.

The Beijing Express season 15 finale was broadcast on M6 on April 14, 2022 and took place in Dubai. Lucas and Nicolas, the Belgian brothers, won this 2022 edition against Jérémy and Fanny. The 2022 winners took home €100,000.

During the 2022 edition of Beijing Express, eight couples compete in the M6 ​​game in hopes of becoming the big winners of this season 15. Belgian brothers Lucas and Nicolas and “dream couple” Jeremy and Fanny have qualified for the final. , broadcast on April 13, 2022. During this season, viewers were able to discover the profiles and backgrounds of the following duos:

Beijing Express airs from February 10, 2022 to April 14, 2022, on Thursday nights, starting at 9:05 pm M6 has been broadcasting this adventure game since its inception. However, if you missed an episode, it is possible to catch up on the replay. The day after its broadcast, the sixth channel puts it online for eight days on its streaming and replay platform. 6 play.

Do you also want to participate in the next season of Beijing Express? Nothing is easier! just go to the site and complete your application. To participate, however, you must be at least 18 years old and available for 45 days in Q3 2022. M6 asks candidates to submit three photos per person (portrait, silhouette, and one summarizing personality) as well as a photo of the couple. Next, you will have to fill in your personal information and answer several questions about your personality.

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