ZEvent: ZeratoR shows you where the money goes!

news event ZEvent: ZeratoR shows you where the money goes!

You may have participated in the ZEvent fundraiser last October, to benefit Action Against Hunger. ZeratoR, Dach, Action contre la Faim and the Brut medium now show you what the money is for, on the occasion of a video shot in the Central African Republic.

€10,064,480is the colossal amount of donations made to Action Against Hunger during ZEvent 2021. The association Action contre la Faim shows in a video shot by Brut at ZeratoR and Dach where the money went.

Seven areas of specialization of Action Against Hunger

Thanks to the generosity of French-speaking streamer communities, this is what has been achieved. The last Z Event raised more than 10 million euros for Action Against Hunger. Brut followed ZeratoR in the Central African Republic to see what these donations were used for.

Description of the video by Brut

Brut media followed ZeratoR and Dach in the Central African Republic. The two men, organizers of the annual Twitch Charity Marathon in France, traveled to the Central African Republic with Action Against Hunger to understand how the funds raised are used. The opportunity for the streamer and his lifelong partner to meet the people they indirectly help raising funds through your community. The Central African Republic is one of the countries most affected by malnutrition and benefits from NGO assistance focusing on seven areas that do not refer only to food:

  • nutrition and health
  • Food Security and Livelihoods
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Mental health, psychosocial support and protection
  • Advocacy
  • air-conditioned
  • Investigate

The report clearly shows that it is not not only to feed the populations. Action Against Hunger identifies malnourished people, psychological and social support populations, etc.

The donations will go to 16 countries, from Madagascar to France.

The Central African Republic is one of the poorest countries in the world: more than 60% of Central Africans depend on humanitarian aid and it is estimated that more than 40% of the population suffers from food insecurity. Thanks to the donations from Z Event, we will be able to strengthen our support for the Bangui Pediatric Center.

Half of the Central African population lives in Bangui. Therefore, it is necessary to continue supporting this center, as well as the nutritional centers of the city. The goal is to be able to care for 3,500 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition. We will also train 53 Bangui health personnel and 21 health teachers and more than 500 students of medicine, nursing and paramedical professions in the management of severe malnutrition, as well as in psychology.

Action Against Hunger

By including the Central African Republic, Action contre la Faim explains on its website that it has already identified twenty projects that will receive a part of the donations of ZEvent 2021, in sixteen countries Where does the NGO operate? You can find all ACF actions carried out thanks to ZEvent donations on this dedicated site. Among other things, ZEvent donations will be used specifically for :

  • Support for the pediatric center in Bangui, support for the Alindao hospital and agricultural recovery in Ouham, in the Central African Republic
  • Strengthen capacities to prepare for and respond to hazards due to the climate crisis and malnutrition prevention, in madagascar
  • Support for entrepreneurs in urban agriculture, in Ivory Coast
  • prevention of malnutrition, in Burkina Faso
  • Reinforcement of the nutritional stabilization center, in particular for Rohingya refugees, in Bangladesh
  • Guarantee access to health, treat and prevent malnutrition, in yemen
  • Improving food security through development of neglected and underutilized agricultural production in Nepal
  • Improve the health and nutritional status of children and mothers, in pakistan
  • Help with hygiene and water needs, and psychosocial support for displaced people, in myanmar
  • Ensuring water supply and improving access to hygiene and menstrual health, in Jordan
  • Response to immediate needs for water, hygiene and protection against COVID-19, in Libya
  • Promotion of sustainable agriculture to guarantee food security, and iraq
  • Reduce poverty and food insecurity in the country by promoting peanut cultivation and improving access to health, in Sierra Leone
  • Diversifying the livelihoods of farming families and strengthening poultry production in Zimbabwe
  • Deployment of a mobile clinic, in Cameroon
  • Improve access to food for people in precarious situations, in France

It should be noted that Action Against Hunger works currently also actively helps Ukrainian refugees.

  • Action contre la Faim: What will ZEvent donations be used for?

In July 2021, Action contre la Faim listed as many as 811 million hungry people in the world, a figure on the rise for the fifth consecutive year. The NGO estimates that this figure could still be 660 million people in 2030, in part due to the lasting effects of the global pandemic.

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