Amber Heard and Johnny Depp: the unexpected confidences of a marriage counselor who worked with the couple

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s marriage counselor has revealed overwhelming secrets about the former couple, who have been separated in a defamation lawsuit since Monday, April 11, in Virginia.

The twists and turns are endless in the libel lawsuit between Johnny Depp to his ex-wife amber heard. Drugs, sex and violence, the revelations that have abounded in the press since the start of the second trial on Monday, April 11, further darken the picture painted during Johnny Depp’s lost first trial in 2020. This time, no scandals are rumored in the British tabloids, with hearings broadcast directly from Virginia on CourtTV. Last highlight to date, the testimony of the couple’s former marriage counselor, the Dr. Laurel Anderson.

The facts recounted by the latter -cited by the daily mail online – is it so overwhelming for both parties. In particular, Amber Heard, who would have been ready to “hit him“so that her husband does not leave her. This shocking sentence would have been pronounced during the 21 sessions which the two actors attended in October 2015. If the advisor mentions mutual violenceaccurate about the staraquaman that she was violent[…] more than once […] keep him with her because giving up and leaving him was her worst nightmare“. According to Dr. Anderson, amber heard would often have triggered these conflictswhere the abuses were mutual.

Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

For several months, Dr. Anderson would have been at the forefront of the violence reported in the press. According grades provided by the latter, the two spouses frequently complained, each in turn, of the blows inflicted by the other. On the one hand, Amber Heard someday hit Johnny Depp for being “ill sittingon the other, the actress would have broken into the consultant’s cabinet to show him the marks left by the interpreter of Jack Sparrow, after their last and violent discussion in May 2016. The testimonies continue and already reveal an alleged rape – first quoted by Amber Heard’s lawyer, reports 20 minutes – , and tens of posts insults sent by Johnny Depp. The case it’s just beginning.

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