“An ambush”: devastated, Coline Berry breaks the silence in a shocking message

While being slapped by Pascale Louange, her father’s wife, Coline Berry finally spoke about this terrible incident in a long message on her Instagram account. Richard Berry’s daughter denounces an “ambush”.

It’s a change she couldn’t wait for. After filing a lawsuit against her father, Richard Berry, on charges of incest during her childhood, Coline Berry finally found herself in the dock. The reason ? The ex-partner of the French actor, Jeane Manson, responded by filing a complaint in turn for defamation. This trial, which took place this Friday, April 1, took place in a very particular climate.

Obviously present, Richard Berry and his new wife had people talking about them. And especially this last one: at the end of the hearing, Pascale Louange slapped Coline Berry out of her face. A gesture to which Richard Berry’s daughter’s lawyer reacted directly, declaring that he was “unacceptable”. But the author of the slap simply replied that “Insults are violence.” So what Coline Berry was found guilty of defaming her ex-mother-in-lawHe announced that he wanted to appeal. But she never again mentioned the gesture of physical violence of which she had been a victim. At least until today.

Coline Berry: “These methods are despicable!”

Because this Friday, April 15, Coline Berry has finally broken her silence. Dejected by the court’s decision, she posted a long message on the story of her Instagram account.. Here it is : “27,000 euros. This is the sanction for having dared to denounce what I suffered in my flesh. This is the sanction of the Aurillac court, where the complainant’s lawyer’s office, former Dieudonné’s lawyer, is located. For more than ten hours I suffered the calumnies of the clan organized around my father in an attempt to discredit me as a person.my mother and the family I have built.

Launched, Coline Berry swung everything in her heart. “Nothing has been spared us: mythomania, alcoholism, madness, even anti-Semitism. It was all good to try to silence me, to pretend to be someone who doesn’t know what he’s saying, and to put pressure on an ongoing criminal investigation in Paris.. It was even decided at night to beat me up, in an organized ambush, to make sure I was intimidated, and this time physically. These methods are negligible.. From now on, for there to be justice, Coline Berry will have to be impatient until the deliberation of the trial against her father.

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