Aulas and Ponsot talk about the future of Bosz

Bosz confirmed before “an end-of-season report”

In front of the journalists Jean-Michel Aulas, president, and Vincent Ponsot, general manager, spoke about the future of Peter Bosz, which could be threatened ahead of the Lyonnais galley season.

“We found a staff that corresponds to what we need in OL, with experience, a foreign culture that was demanded by many followers, Jean-Michel Aulas first assured. There is a first year in which we grope. Recruitment may not have been directly related to what Peter wanted. We intend to think about how we can improve the group, we will have the means to invest to make sure we meet Peter’s aspirations. We look forward to continuing the adventure. The staff on site corresponds to what we want .”

Message from Classrooms for players and fans after the European failure

In a crisis situation, exceptional measures. Jean-Michel Aulas dreamed of a Europa League title to secure OL’s European future. But the elimination against West Ham (1-1, 0-3) put an end to the ambitions of the Lyonnais who will have to shine during the last seven games of the season in Ligue 1 to win classification on the continental scene. In front of the journalists this Friday, the president of the Rhône called for the sacred union of fans, staff and players for the final sprint.

“We thought it was good to meet to discuss the result against West Ham, and the future consequences to get us out of this bad situation,” Jean-Michel Aulas launched at a press conference. I want to address the vast majority of Fans who are very sad and very disappointed like us: the first 30 minutes and the game in general were magnificent thanks to everyone who participated. […] When you invest to come to see a quarter-final of the European Cup, you want the party to be beautiful and the result to match. I want to tell them that we share their sadness.”

This is the end of this press conference.

Jean-Michel Aulas, Vincent Ponsot and Peter Bosz thus responded to the questions of the journalists the day after the elimination in the Europa League. In particular, the future of Bosz was discussed.

Bosz on lack of leadership

“We talk a lot with Aulas and Ponsot about the squad, we don’t just look at the qualities of the players on the pitch. We also look at leadership, it is not easy. All teams want leaders, but it’s not like that.” It is easy to be a leader, you also have to be in defeat. Is it a template fault? Yes”.

“I spoke to the players this morning. I understand that they are disappointed. But it has to end before Sunday. The most important and most difficult game of this season is Sunday against Bordeaux. We have to prepare well, it starts today. Tomorrow we will train again On Sunday there are no excuses, you have to win.”

Bosz on OL’s lack of efficiency

“I’m not here to see which player could have been there or not. We had chances yesterday, we didn’t score enough goals, it’s my job to make sure we score more goals. We need goals to win games. You’re right, we lose too many chances.”

Classrooms: “I’m sad for the fans”

“I thought the fan reaction was magnificent yesterday, the West Ham people told me they had never seen that. We gave a great image of the club for the first 30 minutes. I understand that the fans are disappointed in a certain way. “But those who they have experience in football they know very well that it is just a game that comes at a bad time. When I look at the stats, it’s unbelievable. We lack efficiency. The fans may be disappointed, I’m sad for them, but we’re not going to stop at failure, even if it hurts a lot.”

Classrooms: “A chance to get out of it”

Aulas: “We have quality players, who may not have been able to meet our aspirations at some point (…) but we will play in solidarity. We will recover Caqueret by the end of the season, I am confident. It is our club, we feel that there is a possibility to get out of it. (…) Football has changed in the last 10 years. You know that PSG arrived with totally different resources than before. Probably other clubs have also achieved it, like Lille. “Of course there is a question. We do it every time. We had a coach (Genesio, editor’s note) who did not like some fans, who was criticized by journalists, and who is doing quite well today to our detriment… We can see that OL has remained the club French leader in Europe over time. We’ll see what happens. We will take advantage of this challenge.”

“We need to have economic rules so that everyone has a chance. The commercial company has just been created, thanks to Vincent Labrune, it will give French football a breath of fresh air. OL is one of the clubs that will be able to have help. We are in good health We are going to be able to reposition ourselves. Clubs that are at our level, there are not many others. We may have the impression that it is an infamy not to have won titles for 10 years, but we have won titles with women and our academy consistently performs We have to be objective. I’m proud of what has been done. We have the means to return to OL ten years ago.”

Bosz on the current situation: “I’m not giving up”

“It’s not easy. We had good and bad moments like last night in football. Here the goals are clear and it’s difficult when you don’t win. But I don’t give up. It’s a great challenge. Few people in this room I think we’ll get there. year here, it’s not always easy with the language and when you don’t sleep much. But at the same time it’s a big challenge for me. I don’t give up, I’m going to push the players. I think it’s possible. We haven’t done a series this season, so We need. It’s not easy, but it’s a challenge, we’ll make it, absolutely.”

classrooms; “We are going to ask the players to question them”

Classrooms: “When you say the players are comfortable, what do you mean? Since Peter’s arrival we have reinforced discipline and demand. A player who arrives late does not play, we ask for a lot of effort. from the other side of the world, we tend to bring them back on a private plane. I modified the speech a little bit saying that we think we are doing the maximum, so we will ask the players a little more. We believe that we can save the season with our results, but the risk exists, the players have to realize that we no longer have the right to make mistakes, we are going to ask them to postpone a case, we are going to wash the dirty laundry with the family, we are going to to exchange. I don’t think the players are doing it on purpose. The mental decline after the first goal against West Ham, we don’t really explain it.”

Ponsot: “You have to make a distinction between the championship and our very qualitative European campaign. We have experienced special circumstances again this week: injuries, covid… You have to have all your best players in a match like this. We are not looking for apologies but…”

Bosz: “You have to be realistic, not romantic”

Bosz: “I would like a more aggressive football, with more pressure. We have to play football to win the games at the end of the season, we have to be more realistic than romantic in the last 7 games. Let’s play football who will correspond to this goal. A global squad problem? Yes. We can’t fall like we saw yesterday, it can’t happen”.

Ponsot: “We saw Caqueret recently” (because of his future)

Ponsot: “If the objectives are not achieved, we will ask ourselves questions. It is never the responsibility of a single party. It will be a collective responsibility, we will have to do the proper analysis. The players? Yes, there will be a construction site. We know better the expectations Peter. We saw Caqueret recently, he’s a good example of what we want to have in players.”

Bosz on the end of the season

Bosz: “You have to do a series. That’s what can help us. We need wins. When we saw our first 30 minutes against West Ham, the players weren’t sleeping. But you have to do a series to win games.” “

Ponsot and Aulas on the next transfer market

Ponsot: “The president said it, if we are in this situation it is because things have not been done well. Recruitment is undoubtedly one of the points.”

Classrooms: “We are already working on it. We will be there financially and we know Peter’s precise aspirations. We have made great acquisitions. It is clear that there are sure to be changes to be made. ambitions even if the year was not successful.

Aulas and Ponsot on the future of Bosz

“We found a staff that corresponds to what we need in OL, with experience, a foreign culture that was demanded by many fans. There was a first year where we stumbled. It may not have been directly related to what Peter wanted. We have the With the intention of thinking about how to improve the group, we will have the means to invest to ensure that Peter’s aspirations are met. We look forward to continuing the adventure. The staff on site correspond to what we want.”

Ponsot: “We will take stock at the end of the season. With us there is no lethargy. If the objectives are not met, conclusions will have to be drawn, but there are 7 games left, we are not giving up. At the end of the season, we will learn the lessons”.

Classrooms: “The players must realize the seriousness of the situation”

“Like Barcelona or Bergamo, we have not been able to pass this course. From there you have to straighten up, find the springs, make sure you’re attached. We show that we are united in this reaction that is going to take place. “The players have to realize the seriousness of the situation. We have to be on the move as coaches to make sure that the players show that they have the necessary qualities. For me, there are 7 games left, there are still chances to be able to participate in a Cup of Europe. This should translate into a reaction on Sunday. We didn’t know how to give the fans the joy they deserved.

Message from Classrooms to the followers

Aulas: “We thought it was good to get together to discuss the result against West Ham on the one hand, and the future consequences to get us out of this bad situation. I want to address the vast majority of fans who are very sad.” : The first 30 minutes and the game in general was magnificent thanks to everyone who participated. When you invest in coming, you want the party to be beautiful and the result to match. I want to tell you that we share your sadness. “The responsibility we have is not to dwell on yesterday’s dry results, which are negative. We did not respond to expectations in terms of results. The players lost the sense of what to do after the first goal. When you are a coach, you have to make a objective analysis. There are 7 games left, the group is structured.”

Classrooms in next conference with Ponsot and Bosz

OL’s press conference in the presence of President Jean-Michel Aulas, General Director of Football Vincent Ponsot and Peter Bosz will start soon.

Classrooms tried to put out the fire

On Twitter, Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas last night asked supporters to “help the OL institution.” But the evil seems very deep in Lyon.

Tensions with fans

The end of the OL-West Ham match, on Thursday night at the Groupama Stadium, was marked by strong tensions with the fans, who tried to enter the lawn forcing security doors. Houssem Aouar, for his part, warmed up with a faithful Lyonnais.

Consequences of the defeat in OL

Hello everyone, welcome to this live broadcast dedicated to OL. The Rhône club, already out in Ligue 1 (10th), was eliminated from the Europa League on Thursday night after a tough home loss against West Ham (3-0).

Suffice it to say that the crisis is there before the reception of Bordeaux, on Sunday afternoon (5:05 p.m.).

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