between Marine Le Pen and the Hungarian nationalist Viktor Orban, a very inspired closeness

Marine Le Pen during her joint press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest in October 2021.

Hungary, ruled by the nationalist Viktor Orban for twelve years, suddenly entered the campaign between the two towers of France. “When the extreme right begins to say: ‘I choose the journalists who come or those who don’t come’ (…), she does the same thing we do in Hungary”, estimated, on Tuesday, April 12, the candidate Emmanuel Macron, referring to the exclusion by Marine Le Pen of the “Quotidien” journalists from one of her press conferences.

The closeness shown by the candidate of the National Rally (RN) to the 58-year-old Hungarian leader, known for having built a state with weakened checks and balances on the banks of the Danube, is notorious: Viktor Orban has officially supported the far-right candidate in February. But, on Wednesday, April 13, the far-right leader only admitted to sharing with Mr. Orban ” A vision “ from “the European organization”consisting of “give back to the nations more power and to the EU [Union européenne] fewer powers.

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In reality, this closeness goes much further. Main proposition of MI Le Pen, the will to organize referendums on all kinds of issues has become a widely used instrument in Orban’s Hungary, where two referendums and a profusion of national consultations have made it possible to settle the last obsessions of power. On April 3, when they triumphantly re-elected Mr. Orban, with more than 54% of the vote, Hungarians were also called upon to express themselves on “the promotion of sex reassignment treatments for minors” either “teaching sexual orientation to underage children”. The referendum was invalidated due to lack of participation, but the issue dominated the campaign for the Hungarian legislative elections in April, along with the war in Ukraine.

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“We try to take what works elsewhere”

In Marine Le Pen’s program, other points are a perfect copy of the policies followed by Mr. Orban. For a start “a mortgage loan of up to 100,000 euros”offered to families and convertible ” and no “ of the third son. Orban implemented almost the same measure, which made it possible to slightly raise the Hungarian birth rate, which, however, remains much lower than that of France. “France has been a model for us in terms of demographic policies, and now the RN is looking at what is happening in Hungary, that is very good.”rejoices Adam Balazs, head of international relations at Fidesz, Mr Orban’s party.

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