Boursorama Banque test: the age of paid mobile banking

Boursorama offers a wide range of accounts for individuals (Welcom, Ultim, Ultim Métal), for professionals (Boursorama Pro) and for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old (Freedom). Each offer is associated by default with a checking account and a Visa Premier payment card. a minimum.

The account opening is done from the online site or the mobile application (with the possibility of photographing and sending the scanned receipts directly from the smartphone) in a few minutes, and all the following operations can also be carried out from the application: open a savings account, life insurance, apply for a loan (including real estate), or go public. On the other hand, processing can sometimes take several days, the time for the bank to receive and process the supporting documents.

Routine operations such as transfers (including adding new beneficiaries, setting up the card, unlocking the payment or withdrawal limit, activating or not activating contactless technology, blocking or retrieving the PIN code), are made from the application.

A matter of cost

The first strong point of this online bank is its cost. On average in 2021, the bank’s customers paid less than €8 in commissions, compared to €219 on average for all banks (online or traditional). Be careful though, if Boursorama boasts of not imposing entry fees on its customers or direct debiting income, you will still need to use the card linked to your account at least once a month (for a payment or for a withdrawal) . paying an account maintenance fee of €5 (and €9 for Ultim and Ultim Métal offers; this limit does not apply to teen accounts).

It should also be noted that the Ultim Metal offer, which adds additional insurance benefits to a metal card and more attractive offers for international travelers (access to airport VIP lounges, transfers outside the SEPA area, that is, the international space where the euro is the official currency – free and free payments and withdrawals with the card worldwide) is paid at €9.90 per month. If you only go abroad outside Europe once or twice a year for short stays, it is better to be satisfied with Ultim’s free offer, certainly with a little less insurance, but already three free withdrawals abroad if necessary.

Boursorama’s second strong point concerns the breadth of its range. With almost 15 years of existence, the bank is always adding new products and services. In total, in March 2022, it offered its customers 35 products and 950 different functionalities, some like The Corner even go beyond the strict banking sector as they are promotional offers and cashback from associated partners. The downside of such a rich offer is that certain functionalities, as practical as they may be, are hidden. Thus, although a client of the bank for years, the journalist only realized after completing this test that it is possible to create a specific alert if her expenses in a certain area (telephone, leisure, food, travel, etc.) exceed a certain monthly threshold.

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