Bouygues Telecom increases the data of certain subscribers by 250% for €3 more, but it goes wrong

Bouygues Telecom increases the data of certain subscribers by 250% for €3 more, but it goes wrong

Bouygues Telecom continues to automatically increase the price of the B&You package for certain subscribers by offering an additional 80 GB of data against an increase of €3/month in its offer. But very often, the operator knocks on the wrong door.

The offer could attract very data-hungry subscribers, much less when it comes to an elderly person. The legal but often denounced practices of Bouygues Telecom continue, the operator seeks to gradually improve its average revenue per subscriber by automatically increasing the price of the package for a large number of B&You mobile customers in exchange for an enrichment of its offer. And it is clear that the Bouygues subsidiary sometimes rolls out the red carpet to convince, although subscribers have the possibility of rejecting the modification of their offer as long as they have opened the corresponding email.

On this occasion, the operator offers to increase the subscription plan by 80 GB, subject to an increase of €3/month in the price of its offer. This will soon include 110GB compared to 30GB so far, with “ the first month freespecifies the operator in an email.

This unsolicited change is now being challenged by this customer’s son on Twitter: “In 2022, can we not say that these types of practices, vile and pernicious, are no longer carried out? No, my mom doesn’t need 110 GB of mobile internet.” wanted to inform Bouygues Telecom, this former editor-in-chief of Clubic. Very committed to segmented advertising, the operator must think about improving the targeting of its customers in the context of these operations, which definitely have the gift of making people talk.

According to a survey of 60 million consumers conducted in September 2021 with 2,000 ISP and mobile operator subscribers, “cChanges in offers affected 27% of ISP customers and 31% of mobile operator customers during the twelve months prior to the survey. They are very frequent on Red bySFR, with 63% of their mobile subscribers telling us that they have suffered them and 40% on the side of Bouygues Telecom”. found the association.

a statutory increase

According to the DGCCRF, the operators have the right to increase the price of the packages respecting two conditions. The first: give notice one month in advance by post or email. The second: the improvement of the subscription should only affect attractive services for telecommunications, such as unlimited SMS, more data or better speed. On the other hand, they cannot in any case increase the price of the combined trip for another reason such as “a music option, TV option, book subscription”.

In the event of an increase for another reason, the subscriber may inform of said increase in the flat rate in the plate-shaped SignalConso implemented by Fraud Prevention. Your situation will then be reviewed. When the platform was launched, the authority said that companies that have received several reports without reacting will be in its sights.

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